0:11 and Ovechkin, who broke Tverdovsky. The main failure of the “Avant-garde”


The season 2004/2005 was the most stellar in history the Russian hockey super League. More than 60 players from the NHL because of the lockout came to play in Russia. And came not only our compatriots, but the starry aliens – Jagr, lekavale, Richards, Heatley.

The regular season won the Moscow “Dynamo”, led, as in modern times, Vladimir Krikunov. In addition, Muscovites were then, and forward Maxim Afinogenov – he played for the blue and white in the current regular season, but in the framework of the KHL.

Dynamo all season, looked confident and powerful, but the main decoration was their semifinal series of play-offs with Omsk Avangard. Enmity between “Dynamo” and “Avant-garde” did not yet exist, but already the opposition was crucial.

It is noteworthy that in 2003, the hawks lost the series 0-2, but took it and won 3-2. It was the first time in the history of the Russian Championships, when the team battled back from 0-2. In 2004, rivals also met in the playoffs. Avangard won the series 3-0. So this was the third series in a row. Of course, the Dynamo had the hawks favor.

The first game of the series, the Muscovites lost, and before the second match of an unpleasant incident. Czech Jaromir Jagr found in the locker room of his two clubs. One of them is love. She was abandoned the decisive goal in the quarterfinal series against metallurg Magnitogorsk, when the striker raced across the area, defeating several opponents, and upset the goalie Nabokov.

As it became clear later, the club was only the first trouble for the hawks. Everything else has become a nightmare – about that match in Omsk categorically do not like to remember.

28 Mar 2005 ACI “Luzhniki” stood on the ears. Dynamo fans fought in ecstasy, and the puck of Miracle and Sokolova flew to every taste. After the first period, the hosts crushed the rival with the score 6:0 – the goals were scored by Datsyuk, Kharitonov, Ovechkin, Rosa, Markov and Afinogenov.

0:11 и Овечкин, побивший Твердовского. Главный провал «Авангарда»

Alexander Ovechkin

“There are games when one team all goes, and at the second everything goes down the drain. Not the day of Beckham, as they say. In our gate flew literally everything. The expense of large, but all broke after single washer when we “floated”. Nobody knew, not even our coach Valery Belousov was not able to explain what is happening. He was in shock. After the second period he told me to undress Sushinsky, Jagr a, Nazarov. To prepare for the next game and come out on the ice. Didn’t want to succumb to provocations. We were just finishing, was mentally in the other matches,” said the “Championship,” the former defender “Avant-garde” Alexander Guskov, who played in the first pair with Vladimir Ryabykina.

On the main coach of Siberians Valerie Belousova really didn’t have a face – the master of domestic trainer workshop didn’t understand what was going on with his team. In the second frame Vorobiev scored twice and Rosa made the score 8:0 in the third period, Afinogenov, Markov and Frolov brought him to quite obscene – 11:0. And it is in the playoffs! Not every time you see that beating the opponent.

The main star of the meeting was 19-year-old forward of Muscovites Alexander Ovechkin, whom the “Washington” was already waiting in the NHL. Ovechkin not only that, he scored and gave an assist, so even with experienced defender “Avant-guard” Oleg Tverdovsky managed to fight.

And win in a fist fight only for Ovechkin, as both fighters removed before the end of the match. Young and cocky striker began to show at the Dynamo sweater and make fans. Alexander catches courage, had before leaving the locker room to make a hat-trick Gordy Howe.

“That game we managed. Scored six in the first period, then began to vandalize, fight, bully. The expense of large, but Avangard still tried to fight, the other two match was more tense. Of course, this memorable title for me. Sasha Ovechkin was only 19 years old, a very young man. But even then he was perky, with good genes, by itself, powerful and purposeful” — remember that game specifically for the “Championship”, head coach of “Dynamo” Vladimir Krikunov.

To recover from this defeat “avant-garde” and could not. Series 3-1, won the “Dynamo”, which subsequently became the champion, having overcome in the ending Tolyatti “Lada”.

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