11 major summer transfers. This was perhaps the most sensational window in the history of football!


11 major summer transfers. This was perhaps the most sensational window in the history of football!

The summer transfer window in Europe has closed. Perhaps the most incredible thing in the history of football. Ronaldo, Messi, Ramos, Lukaku, Donnarumma – a whole crowd of world stars amicably changed teams. Collected 11 major transfers this summer.

Jack Grealish, € 117.5 million, from Aston Villa to Manchester City

Statistics for the 2020/2021 season: 27 matches, 7 goals, 12 assists.

The English midfielder topped the top luxury transfers of the summer of 2021. Grealish joined Man City on August 5, took number 10 and signed a six-year contract. Jack has already played four games for the Citizens, scored in the game against Norwich and took part in the defeat of Arsenal, giving an assist to Jesus. According to the midfielder, he really wanted to work with Guardiola, whom he considers the best coach in the world, and is confident that Manchester City will win the Champions League this season.

Romelu Lukaku, € 115m, Inter to Chelsea

Statistics for the 2020/2021 season: 44 matches, 30 goals, 10 assists.

Inter fans were very unhappy with Lukaku’s move to Chelsea. The Belgian signed a five-year contract with the English club and in the first match after his return he scored the winning goal against Arsenal.

Lukaku first joined Chelsea in August 2011. Then Abramovich’s club paid € 15 million for the Anderlecht striker. From the first attempt, Romelu could not gain a foothold in the blue team, so he left on loan to West Bromwich and Everton. In the summer of 2014, Everton gave Chelsea € 35.36 million and signed a full-fledged contract with the Belgian. With this transfer, Blue is down € 95 million, but Lukaku is expected to justify its cost.

Jadon Sancho, € 85m, from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester United

Statistics for the 2020/2021 season: 38 matches, 16 goals, 20 assists.

The 21-year-old winger has spent the last two years in the Bundesliga, earning the status of one of the rising stars. By the way, Sancho is a graduate of Manchester City, so after his transfer to United, the Red Devils fans trolled their main rivals by displaying a banner with Jadon: “Welcome to the right Manchester”. The Englishman signed a five-year agreement with the “correct Manchester” and took the 25th number.

The midfielder took part in three matches of the English Championship wearing a Manchester United jersey, but has not yet made any effective actions. Solskjaer gives him a little time, as the player has not gotten in shape: “Jadon had a vacation after the Euro, and after that he had minor health problems. He did a workout and a half with us, so he didn’t do too much. You need to wait for it to get in shape. But during the season Sancho will be a very important player for us, ”says the coach.

Lionel Messi, free agent, from Barcelona to PSG

Statistics for the 2020/2021 season: 47 matches, 38 goals, 14 assists.

Due to major financial problems, Barcelona were unable to sign a contract with Messi. After several attempts to save the world star, the blue garnet capitulated and released the Argentinean. Among the options for continuing the player’s career were called PSG and Manchester City, but Messi settled on an offer from France.

On August 29, the ex-Barcelona forward made his debut for PSG in the match against Reims. Messi immediately joined the game and took part in several dangerous attacks of the Parisians, but never struck on goal. “Leo was good. He is still far from his best form, but he trains well and will gain top condition after the international break, “said PSG coach Pochettino.

Rafael Varane, € 40m, Real Madrid to Manchester United

Statistics for the 2020/2021 season: 41 matches, 2 goals, 4 yellow cards.

Over the past season, Manchester United have had problems in central defense, and Varane must help the club solve them. Rafael is expected to compete with Lindelof and will be paired with Maguire. The defender has signed a four-year deal with the Red Devils and will play with his former Real Madrid partner Cristiano Ronaldo.

Varane’s debut was a success: he was marked by an assist to Greenwood in the match with Wolverhampton (1: 0). “The monitor lizard went through a baptism of fire and demonstrated high productivity. He is good at wrestling “on the second floor”, he is collected in working with the ball. The monitor lizard is so experienced that he does not care about anything. He did not feel discomfort, and I am delighted with his performance. I think he showed his class, ”Solskjaer praised the rookie’s debut.

Cristiano Ronaldo, € 15 million, from Juventus to Manchester United

Statistics for the 2020/2021 season: 44 games, 36 goals, 4 assists.

Ronaldo’s long-awaited return to Old Trafford has arrived! Cristiano dedicated a comeback to Ferguson and signed a two-year contract with the Red Devils. Now Manchester United are asking the Premier League to change the playing numbers of some of the team’s players so that the Portuguese can again take his favorite seven (now it belongs to Edinson Cavani). According to the current rules of the Premier League, a player cannot be given a number under which another team player was previously announced. For the same reason, Sancho could not take the seventh number, under which he played in Borussia.

Ronaldo is currently with Portugal and his return to Old Trafford is likely to take place in the second half of September.

Gianluigi Donnarumma, free agent, from Milan to PSG

Statistics for the 2020/2021 season: 48 matches, 15 clean-up games, 54 goals conceded.

The 22-year-old goalkeeper has finished playing for Milan in Italy. For six seasons at the Rossoneri, Donnarumma played 251 matches, 88 of which – “to zero”. PSG, which signed the best players in the world to this transfer window for free, did not miss the opportunity to take the European champion. Donnarumma signed a five-year contract with PSG, but has not yet made his debut in Ligue 1 – he played three matches in reserve.

“Representatives of PSG contacted me and said that they wanted to see me in their team, and I wanted to join PSG. Competition does not scare me. Keylor Navas is an incredible goalkeeper, but I’m here to play. Competition is good for both of us, it allows me to grow. There is always competition in big clubs, there will be no problems. He is a great guy, we are friends … I want to become one of the best goalkeepers in the world. This requires some sacrifice, you need to work, you need to remain humble. This is the main thing, ”said Donnarumma.

Ashraf Hakimi, € 60 million, from Inter to PSG

Statistics for the 2020/2021 season: 45 matches, 7 goals, 11 assists.

On 6 July PSG announced Hakimi’s transfer from Inter. The Moroccan has signed a five-year agreement with PSG and has already had five meetings, scored a goal and gave two assists. Hakimi became the fifth largest transfer in the history of the Parisian club.

“I’m happy to be here, looking forward to getting started and meeting my teammates. I want to do great things here. PSG is a great club that has proven this in recent years with constant progress. For my part, I want to keep working in order to reach the highest level. Here it is possible. Before the transition, I talked a little with Pochettino about ideas, what he expects from me and what he thinks of me in terms of team play. It was a very pleasant conversation. Know that I will do my best to achieve our goals. Go ahead, Paris, ”Hakimi said.

Sergio Ramos, free agent, from Real Madrid to PSG

Statistics for the 2020/2021 season: 21 matches, 4 goals, 2 assists, 4 yellow cards.

After becoming a free agent, the 35-year-old defender signed a two-year contract with PSG and will play under No. 4. For the sake of a contract with the Parisian club, Ramos turned down offers from Manchester City and Arsenal. The Spaniard has not yet made his debut for the new club, and according to the publication Cadena Ser, PSG are unhappy with his behavior. Sergio behaves arrogantly towards teammates and staff. In the team, this behavior is considered unacceptable, Ramos’s partners do not intend to put up with Sergio’s overestimated self-esteem. If the Spaniard does not change his attitude, the head coach of PSG Mauricio Pochettino will not guarantee him a place in the starting lineup.

Memphis Depay, free agent, from Lyon to Barcelona

Statistics for the 2020/2021 season: 40 games, 22 goals, 12 assists.

The striker of the Dutch national team signed a two-year contract with the blue garnet and immediately became the leader of the club. In three starting matches, Depay scored two goals and gave an assist. After the departure of Messi, Memphis took on the role of the main star and is still fully consistent with it. Depay made his first effective action in the Example after only 19 minutes. Due to the financial problems of Barcelona, ​​the striker will earn 30 percent less than the originally agreed amount at the club.

Antoine Griezmann, loan, from Barcelona to Atlético

Statistics for the 2020/2021 season: 51 matches, 20 goals, 13 assists.

Barça’s losses were not limited to Messi alone. Griezmann never became an idol of Camp Nou and returns to where he was truly happy. While for rent. The agreement between the clubs contains the option of a mandatory redemption, but for Atletico this is in any case a good deal: sold for € 120 million – will be returned for € 40 million. Moreover, the Frenchman’s age is still far from critical – only 30.


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