24 players called to the national team of Russia in the qualifying matches of Eurobasket 2021 in February

The coaching staff of the men’s national team has announced an expanded lineup for the start of the qualifying game of Eurobasket 2021.

Camp before the matches of the first qualifying window starts in Novogorsk on the evening of 16 February, immediately after the all-star game of the League.

In this camp 24 players invited:

Defenders: Evgeny Baburin (Nizhniy Novgorod, 32 years, height — 189 cm), Maxim Grigoriev (“Parma”, 29 years old, 196 cm), Vyacheslav Zaitsev (Khimki, 30 years old, 190 cm), Denis Zakharov (Yenisei, 26 years old, 193 cm), Dmitry Kulagin (“Lokomotiv-Kuban”, 27 years old, 197 cm), Mikhail Kulagin (CSKA Moskva, 25 years old, 191 cm), Gregory Motovilov (“Lokomotiv-Kuban”, 22 years old, 191 cm), Andrey Sopin (MBA, 22 years old, 186 cm), Vitaly Fridzon (“Lokomotiv-Kuban”, 34 years old, 194 cm), Dmitry Hvostov (“Zenit”, 30 years old, 190 cm), Alexey Shved (Khimki, 31 years old, 198 cm);

Forwards: Simeon Antonov (CSKA, 30 years old, 202 cm), Nikita Balashov (“Vostok-65”, 28 years old, 207 cm), Evgeny Valiev (Parma, 29 years old, 205 cm), Andrey Vorontsevich (CSKA, 32 years old, 207 cm), Andrey Zubkov (Zenit, 28 years old, 205 cm), Stanislav Ilnitsky (“Lokomotiv-Kuban”, 25 years, 200 cm), Sergey Karasev (Khimki, 26 years old, 201 cm)Nikita Mikhailovsky (“Avtodor”, 19 years, 201 cm), Vladislav Trushkin (Zenit, 26 years old, 201 cm);

Center: Joel Bolombi (CSKA, 26 years old, 204 cm), Artem Zabelin (“Parma”, 32, 215 cm), Vladimir Ivlev (“Lokomotiv-Kuban”, 29 years old, 207 cm), Artem Klimenko (UNICS, 26 years, 214 cm).

The plan collection:

16-19 February — training in Novogorsk

February 19 — flight to Naples

February 20 — match Italy — Russia, immediately after his — departure to Perm

21-22 February — training in Perm

February 23 — the match Russia — Northern Macedonia

Recall, expertise will last until February 2021. The participants will play six games (three with each of the rivals — for Russia it Italy, North of Macedonia and Estonia). In the final tournament from group B face the Italian team (one of the countries-mistresses of tournament, playing in the selection, out of competition) plus two more teams.

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