6:0 in favor of Spain. CSKA also lost to real Madrid


This week three Russian teams have played two matches in Spain. And in all cases was defeated! Last lost to CSKA on Friday, real Madrid (81:97).



Their second game in a dual Spanish away games CSKA played against real Madrid. They still remember well, who would not let them in the finals last season, and the match on arenew the capital of Spain was principal for both teams!

On Wednesday, the current Champions of the Euroleague slipped on the floor in vitória, where he won his title in may of this year. One of the most frequent rivals of CSKA – “Basque country” – you could say, returned the favor and won with a confident advantage to 10 points (80:70). Therefore, the attitude wards Dimitris Itoudis for the upcoming away match against real Madrid was really fighting. It hurt to lose twice!

– Real Madrid is a strong opponent.We all know what this club means to European basketball. At the moment, they won all home matches. They have a great squad, equipped with high players. They dominate in all positions. And, of course, we have to play hard, said the coach of CSKA. Of course, not wrong.

The first half of the game takes place on an equal footing. Teams in the Euroleague have the same indicators, located on the adjacent rows in the table. However, the favourites on the home parquet looks “real”. The first ten-minute remained for “creamy” – 23:19. At the beginning of the second quarter CSKA starts the pressure on the court, and “real” gives the chance to the visitors their mistakes. Two long shots from Janis Strelnieks and Mike James to help the team to tie the game (27:27) and forced Pablo Lasso to take a quick timeout. Run basketball “swing” that can’t identify a clear leader. Help for the army are becoming the same Strelnieks and Johannes Voigtmann who find their shots and successfully attack the ring of the opponents. Summary – the second quarter is in a tight fight, but ends in a draw (both teams are on 29 points). At the same time, the first half of the game still rests with the owners of the site (52:48).

A disaster for the army and a bad dream becomes reality Itoudis beginning of the third quarter. CSKA for 4.5 minutes and can’t get in the ring “real”! But is gaining fouls, while the owners of the team do not forgive mistakes and almost every attack complete scoring toss. As a result, a rapid breakthrough of Madrid 13:0! Red and blue give way to a meter by meter basketball courts, playing attack after attack, and only timeout Itoudis leads guests to the senses, and precise long shot of Darrena of Hilliard brings them their first points in the second half.

Alas, even this does not help CSKA to get back in the game. Itoudis is forced to take another quick time out to find a solution and guess the players. And guesses! And finds! Two minutes before the end of the third quarter Daniel Hackett makes intercepting the ball and gaining 2 points in the fast break. And center of the army team Joel Bolombi strikes the ring “creamy” from a far distance and with his left hand good movement gives hope for returning to the game, put a point in the third quarter – 75:64 in favor of the hosts. Still a lot, but not fatal!

In the final quarter CSKA had to solve a difficult task – to find hidden sources for aggressive defense and force real Madrid to make a mistake. The owners of parquet presented to the Russian visitors a real chance to get back in the game. Almost a miracle does Mike James, picking up four points in one attack after a foul on Sergio Llull. By far, the best moment of the evening! However, this is not enough to reverse the situation, and the difference “a minus 10” continues to hold. By the final siren even increasing.

Alas, as Zenit and Khimki, CSKA flew from the Pyrenees without a win. The angrier will be before the new tour! Which red and blue again to play… in Spain! Now in Barcelona.

source: “Soviet sport”

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