7 events that we are waiting for in the first part of the season in the Premier League


7 events that we are waiting for in the first part of the season in the Premier League

The next season of the English Premier League kicks off today: newcomer Brentford will take over London Arsenal. Josep Guardiola will strive to defend the champion’s title, but it will definitely not be easy for him – the competitors have strengthened very, very strongly. Having finished the last championship in second place, Manchester United bought Jadon Sancho and Rafael Varan, Chelsea bought Romela Lukaku . Liverpool have grown stronger as Virgil van Dijk and other defenders have healed their injuries .

The English Premier League attracts millions of fans from all over the world precisely for its unpredictability: unlike other even top championships, it is difficult to name a future champion before the first round of each season. However, there are things to be foreseen in the life of the English teams. This material is devoted to the main of them.

A toxic atmosphere will emerge at Chelsea

Lukaku has already been officially introduced, and now it seems that Chelsea’s roster in the new season will be just armor-piercing. Two cool players for each position, the coach is one of the best tacticians in the world, and he already has a track record of victories. What could go wrong? At least the fact that the team now has two cool players for each position.
Chelsea do not change coaches much less often than Watford, precisely because the top stars are constantly on the team bench. And not so important, Villash-Boash put Lampard in the reserve or Lampard sent Marcos Alonso to rest – in this component, continuity is observed better than in many others. Pulisic or Mount, Ziyech or Havertz, Rüdiger or Zuma – one of the big, star players will inevitably be out of the starting lineup and, of course, will be unhappy with this.

And here it is worth remembering how Tuchel worked before Chelsea. The London club got the opportunity to sign a coach in the middle of the season because he left PSG with a scandal, having quarreled with everyone. Tuchel is a workaholic, a tactical geek, but at the same time he is also a very toxic person; he, rather, does not extinguish conflicts in the locker room, but rather stimulates. The honeymoon for the players and the team is over, now the harsh days begin.

Brighton will lose several times with huge xG

There are teams that are ready to strengthen just for the sake of a place in the Premier League, and Brighton, it seems, is just waiting for some kind of normalcy. The team had huge, almost unprecedented finishing problems last season, and the club has absolutely nothing to fix them. Do not count the return from the loan of Jurgen Locadia, who scored two goals in 26 matches in MLS.

The rest of the arena is still the same: Neil Mope, Danny Welbeck, Florin Andone – a very mediocre, mediocre line of attack. Perhaps the management is counting on the notorious “break through”, on the fact that these forwards will begin to realize the chances at least a little better than a year ago. But the lack of incentives from the management will quickly lead to the fact that the forwards will also relax, reduce their demands. But Brighton coped with the main task for the season: coach Graham Potter did not leave for another team, and with him the club must retain a place in the elite.

Guardiola will express dissatisfaction with the team’s attack

You might have missed, but a whole era ended in August. For the first time in almost ten years, bookmakers at the beginning of the season did not call Manchester City the favorite of the Champions League. It is clear that PSG’s powerful strengthening should have raised it to the tops of quotes, but the decline in quotes for the champion of England is connected with him.

City first lost Aguero, then bargained according to Kane for half the summer – and in the end chose to buy Grilish, that is, to strengthen the position in which they already have too many players. To finish, they only have Gabriel Jesus, who in previous seasons broke records for the number of missed chances, and Ferran Torres, who is simply a retrained winger with 23 goals in his career at the senior level.

For matches at the top level, this is simply not serious, and City management, which has been fulfilling any whims of its coaches for so long, is now substituting Guardiola. It will be a miracle if Jesus plays the whole season without recessions – but it is more likely that City will have no victories in the course of the season with excellent play. Coming to the richest club in the world, Guardiola obviously did not subscribe to this – and one can expect that at some point he will break down on the management or on the players.

Southampton will suffer a super-major defeat

Ralph Hasenhüttl came to Southampton from Leipzig, and the club was lucky that the coach with experience of playing even in the Champions League agreed to solve very mundane problems. The trouble is that these tasks are becoming more and more mundane – and certainly not because of the coach.

Southampton have sold top scorer Danny Ings and top defender Yannick Westergaard over the summer. And if you could still be ready for Ings’s departure, when the player refused to renew the contract, then Westergor was pulled out almost by the click: Fofan was injured for a long time at Leicester, and after a few days Brendan Rogers was pleased to announce the signing of a new defender. At a time when even the middle peasants of the Premier League more and more often refuse to sell players to top clubs, such a supermarket for Leicester and Aston Villa looks very strange.

At the same time, Southampton is strengthening without any special ambitions: Ingza, for example, was replaced by Adam Armstrong, who by the age of 26 had never scored at a level higher than the Championship. The team already suffered the largest defeats in the history of the Premier League (0: 9 from Leicester the year before last and from Manchester United last season), and without leaders it risks becoming an ordinary outsider.

Arsenal will fail the start of the season

The most popular club in London seems to have met people who are worth each other. Mikel Arteta is loyal to the management of Arsenal, and the management does not demand too much of him – for example, he did not fire him for missing the European competition, which was the first for the team in a quarter century. As usual, the fans have to suffer, as the great club is clearly going downhill.

The offseason does not give the slightest reason to hope for an Arsenal renaissance. The team did not win a single preseason match, losing even to Scottish Hibernian, and the club threw £ 50 million on Ben White. A defender with one season in the Premier League simply cannot make Arsenal fundamentally stronger, and Willian, Aubameyang and Lacazette are even older.

It would be possible to predict a quick resignation of Arteta, if not for the full confidence of the leadership of Arsenal. Another coach would have received a labor in his hands back in December last year, when he issued a streak with two points scored in seven matches and dropped almost into the relegation zone. Arteta is satisfied with the willingness to put up with the everyday life of the clubs, in particular, with the terrible transfer policy. Therefore, we can expect “just” failure in the next season, without organizational conclusions.

Watford will change coach

This club would have dropped out of the Premier League less often if it had a less wild leadership. The last time “Watford” dropped into the Championship against the background of retirement two (!) Rounds before the end – and at that moment he was not even in the relegation zone. Actually, after parting with Nigel Pearson, Watford lost twice and was eliminated.

Even a promotion in class was not without a change of coach. Under the replacement of Pearson, Vladimir Ivich, Watford achieved a very good result, but the management did not like the team’s boring play and distrust of some players. I entered the Premier League club under Hisko Muñoz – a man whose only job as a head coach was Dinamo Tbilisi.

The main and practically the only reason for finding Muñoz as coach of the Premier League club is his complete loyalty to the leadership. No, he, of course, disposed of his resources well, and he won championships in Georgia too – but he was eliminated from Dynamo by a team from the Faroe Islands. And in general: it makes no sense to seriously analyze the achievements in the Georgian championship – no one cares about leagues of this level, even in the Championship.

Now everyone at Watford is happy with Hisco, but as soon as the first problems begin, he will be extreme. It will turn out, as all the previous coaches turned out to be: over the past eight years, the team has been coached by 12 different people, not counting the acting ones. The team has a frankly weak line-up, it doubtfully strengthened for the Premier League (34-year-old Juraj Kutska from the departed Parma, apparently, will be their star) – there is no doubt that questions for Muñoz will soon appear. He’s not really sorry – he knew what was going on.

Roy Hodgson will return to the game

The same Hisco Muñoz was not even born yet, when the main patriarch of English football was already coaching. Roy Hodgson is 74 years old, but he is still relevant and successful: Crystal Palace has been very decent in the elite for four years.

Roy was left without a job only because he decided not to renew the contract with the team, which, in turn, decided not to renew the agreements with half of the players. Palace is facing a very difficult season under the leadership of Patrick Vieira, and Hodgson’s shadow will hang over all the crisis clubs not from the top. Saying goodbye to Palace, Hodgson said: “I do retire from football for a while, but who knows what the future will be? This is a situation that you cannot say “never”. I’ve seen so many people retire with all the fanfare, only to resurface somewhere in a fairly short amount of time. I would rather not do that. “

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