A blatant example of uselessness. Superstar gets $ 177 million for nothing


A blatant example of uselessness. Superstar gets $ 177 million for nothing

Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons is one of the most talked about players in the NBA right now. After he outright failed the playoffs of the past season, the club still decided to make an attempt to exchange the player. And even with a poor performance in the postseason, there are league contenders for Simmons. The player himself made it clear that he no longer wants to play for the Sixers. Now it’s up to the management of Philadelphia. Throwing Ben’s contract off is not as easy as it sounds, though.

The reason Simmons received a lot of criticism during the postseason, as well as his main problem, is the total lack of a shot. This year, he posted the worst penalty conversion rate in NBA playoff history – 34.2% (25 out of 73). But the Australian’s difficulties, of course, arise not only with free throws. Last season, 79% of his field goal shots (and 70% of the total number of attempts) fell within a distance of less than one and a half meters from the ring. Anything further is already a problem. There can be no speech about three-point – they are not able and the Australian does not even try to perform, out of harm’s way. A few times, random long-range attempts flew, but all this was very rare and in meaningless regular season matches.

The situation is aggravated by the way Simmons plays the endings in an ugly manner. In the final quarter, he simply stops shooting. Let’s look at the past regular season. For the entire season – 222 attempts to score in the first quarter against 83 in the last. That is, almost three times less. In the playoffs, everything is the same. The climax was the Eastern Conference semi-finals, where the Sixers lost to the Atlanta Hawks (3-4). In five of his seven games in the series, Simmons has never dropped out in the final twelve minutes. Moreover, in four of these meetings, including the seventh decisive one, he did not score more than 8 points. In terms of uselessness in the attack, the Australian has surpassed all conceivable and inconceivable limits.

At the same time, Simmons promised to rectify the situation over the past several seasons, but to no avail. Every summer he was going to work on both the cast and the psychological component. This year, he missed the Tokyo Olympics for hard-hitting individual training, where Australia came in third. Ben also “merged” with the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and the 2019 World Cup in China. How many such promises have already been made to help the national team with the subsequent refusal. Simmons likes not to work hard in the training room, but to shine at major events. This year he visited Wimbledon with his new girlfriend, 26-year-old English TV presenter Maya Yama.

A blatant example of uselessness.  Superstar gets $ 177 million for nothing

That being said, every offseason Simmons says he will work on the cast. The season begins, and we see all the same helplessness and cowardice Ben in the attack. Yes, as a playmaker and defender, he is good, he loves to issue triple-doubles, but only in unimportant matches of the regular season. In the playoffs, even Ben’s strengths dwindle.

Simmons is 24 years old. And if by this age he had not yet learned to shoot … Obviously, the status of the “new LeBron James” the first number of the 2016 NBA draft will not justify. The situation looks almost hopeless. It got to extremes – it was reported that in the offseason, he would even try to change the throwing hand from left to right. It sounds absurd, but at Philadelphia for some time they were ready to believe in a basketball player to the last. At least that’s what the head coach of the team, Doc Rivers, said. The Sixers even developed a special program that was supposed to help Simmons tighten up the game in the problematic component. However, after his crushing failure in the playoffs, information emerged that the club would make another attempt to exchange a player.

In 2019, Simmons received a five-year maximum contract for $ 177 million, and he does not justify this amount with his current game. That kind of money is paid to players who are capable of lugging in the endings. Simmons does not do this from the word at all, he has to be removed from the site at a crucial moment.

At the same time, not only the salary, but also the hype around Ben corresponds to the level of a superstar. All because of the former relationship with supermodel Kendall Jenner. In addition, the agent for Simmons is Rich Paul, who is employed by LeBron James. Klutch Sports and LeBron himself played a huge role in promoting the Simmons name. But the guy did not justify the hype, which in the first place climbs sideways to the club.

During the past season, Philadelphia has already tried to exchange him – Ben could have ended up in Houston as part of the deal for James Harden, but the clubs never reached an agreement. This summer, interest in the Australian was attributed to Cleveland, Indiana, Toronto, Sacramento, Golden State and Minnesota, with which negotiations are most active in recent days. However, Philadelphia President Daryl Morey has very high demands, and Wolves will have to bring in one or two more teams to close the deal. If the deal goes through at all. It is possible that the disgruntled Simmons with his ballast salary will continue to hang on Filadalfia’s payment.

Simmons has made the final decision to leave the team and has already severed all contact with the Sixers. Ben doesn’t return calls and declined to come to training camp. He does not get in touch with club president Daryl Morey, star teammate Joel Embiid, or coach Doc Rivers. Insiders report that the player’s relationship with the team’s mentor is “so bad that it can hardly be fixed.”

All things considered, the Simmons exchange is not only the only right decision, but also an urgent decision for Philadelphia. It is simply impossible to leave him in the team on such a contract. The results of the club, and the atmosphere in the locker room, and relations with the fans, demonstratively burning the jersey with the name of Simmons after the playoffs, will suffer. Another question is whether the club will be able to count on decent compensation. There are those who want to get Simmons, but for a reasonable price. Whether they will be able to meet the Sixers’ colossal demands is unknown. But it is likely that before the start of the season we will still see another loud exchange.

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