A gift from Verstappen for the 70th anniversary of the f-1! But Vettel is the worst. Estimates for the fifth stage


The fifth stage of the Formula 1 — as always, subjective assessments of the author.

It was a great victory. Max worked brilliantly with rubber, while maintaining a high pace, resolutely went on the attack when necessary, and in the end we completely controlled the race. And all this on a track where Mercedes had dominated the previous week.

Another hero of the Grand Prix’s 70th anniversary. Leclere miraculously drove the whole distance with one pit stop and at the finish was fourth, although the first round finished 10th. In the overall standings Charles ahead of the pilot “the McLaren” and “racing point” to lower the speed of the car.

After such a long break Hulkenberg returns and almost easily takes six points and third place in qualifying. And even better that the German had to make an extra pit stop and give way position Strollo, otherwise it would be too humiliating a defeat of the canadian.

Valtteri Bottas — 8,0

Finn won the first Austrian Grand Prix pole position, and held out at the start ahead of teammate, but a tactical miscalculation Mercedes threw to first to second and then to third place. Bottas was stronger than Hamilton, but at the end of the weekend the gap from the partner grew to 34 points.

Alexander Mirel Albon — 7,5

Thai pilot once again (very) lost a lot Verstappen in qualifying, but more or less rehabilitated in the race due to the long second segment. Under the finish Alex had a couple of overtaking manoeuvres and climbed to fifth place — and it would have looked great if not a victory partner and a 40-second gap.

Esteban Windows — 7,5

Windows failed to qualify, losing to teammate in the second segment of the nearly four-tenths, and after a penalty for blocking started only 14-m. But in the race, unlike Riccardo, made no mistakes and stayed the whole race with one pit stop.

Daniil Kvyat — 7,5

Kvyat was having a great race and deserved the 10th place, but if not for the failure in qualifying, the result would have been higher. And in qualifying, we will remind, Daniel lost went Out in Q1 more than seven-tenths of a second.

Pierre Went Out Of 7.5

Myself Pierre, however, output in Q3 gave nothing, and even on the contrary — had to start at “medium” and too early to go into the pits. After that went Out was in deep traffic and much faster wearing rubber.

Lewis Hamilton — 7,0

The championship leader had not the pure skills, then failed to get ahead of teammate at the start and went ahead only thanks to the drawn second pit stop — and drawn it turned out, because with Verstappen, Bottas fought, not Lewis. This is still the weakest race is the defending champion after the failure of the first stage.

Lando Norris — 7,0

In the race problems with the tire wear was more serious than expected in the McLaren, so, in addition to a good start, Norris can boast of nothing. The good news is that Lando has scored a few points and remains in the top five overall.

Carlos Sainz — 7,0

For Sainz, it was a dull race with no points, but blame the pilot in this is almost there. Before qualifying to solve the problems with overheating, the engineers sacrificed speed, and at the pit stop denied wrench.

Kimi Raikkonen — 7,0

In the race “Alfa Romeo” looks better than in qualifying, but still hard to see the world champion on the last starting position. On Sunday Kimi tried to implement the tactics of one pit stop, but the vibrations on the “medium” in the end was forced to slow down. Do Finn the patience to continue this suffering?

Antonio Giovinazzi — 7,0

Jovi again — for the third time in a row! — ahead of Raikkonen in qualifying, but more could not do anything: after an early pit stop, the Italian rolled deep into the end of the peloton and fought only with “Her” Yes “Hasami”.

Romain Grosjean — 6,5

On Saturday, the Frenchman has won best for “Haas” the qualification result of the season, but already on the first lap fell to 16th place. To recoup after that chance was gone.

Kevin Magnussen — 6,5

Teammate Grosjean on the contrary, failed in qualifying, but managed to regain many positions at the start. Then, however, Kevin also fell back in the end and the points are not claimed. To justify Magnussen’s say that after a collision with a charming little town situated in the previous race he had to return to the old bottom that was used on the tests.

George Russell — 6,5

The fourth consecutive release in the Q3 crossed a weak start, after which George for much of the race held on the usual last year positions.

Lance Stroll — 6,0

Disease Perez Strolla have a chance to gain a foothold in the status of the leader of the team, but in the end he loses in the qualification of 0.3 seconds to a partner, who is only the fourth day behind the wheel of a car. In the race the situation has not changed — almost the entire distance lance was walking behind the Hulk.

Daniel Ricciardo — 6,0

Australian superbly qualified, but already knew that the race would be difficult due to the lack of “hard”. The finale, alas, turned out to be very prosaic: the turn in 31-m round. After that chances to win were already gone — as sets of hard rubber.

Nicholas Latifi — 5,5

A fifth consecutive defeat debutant in the qualification by itself is not a disaster, but Russell in the first segment he lost to 0.67 seconds, and it very much. Well, in the race, the canadian was constantly driving at the end of the peloton without any chances of a good result.

Two Grand Prix at Silverstone Vettel scored only one point, LeClair — 27. SEB again complaining about the car and has been sassing team regarding tactics, but it is strange to blame the strategy when you’re out in the first turn of the race.

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