A penalty for handball Rakitskiy was not a goal Dziuba counted right


The Rating Levitin. Judge the results of the 18th round of RPL.News SMI2

The penultimate before leaving for winter break tour took place in December cold days. The most anticipated was the match “Zenit” – “Spartacus”, which was judged by the referee Vitaly Meshkov. The teams from Moscow and St. Petersburg have the right to maintain only a peripheral judge.

The heads of refereeing had to think about it and prepare qualified arbitrators, so as not to cause unhealthy excitement in the huge army of fans. But PSG neutral qualified referees for the season not prepared, and, of course, in the course of the season was forced to reap the fruits of their short-sighted policy.

The refereeing in this match could come only principled and well-versed in complex game situations, the judge from Sochi Paul Kukuan, but he was appointed for this game only reserve judge. Other referees would not have worked better Meshkov, which has a pretty low rating.

Referee: Stanislav Vasilyev

21st minute – a blunder. Chernyshov blow to the back of the leg had stopped in the penalty Krotov. Penalties are not assigned, although in the game Vasiliev understood in a much more difficult moments. This suggests that although the judge it is interesting, without the involvement of a mentor to work in RPL is still damp.

Referee: Aleksey Sukhoy

Among all of the arbitrators from the suburbs it Dry closest you have come to take the place of leader in his marriage judging small, reads the game well, the extra whistles a game is not dry.

Referee: Igor Panin

The suburban is also the judge. It is characterized by a relaxed and confident manner of judging and good physical activity. He also needs an experienced mentor that will expedite finding them with the necessary skills.

In the 83rd minute of the game Panin confused rule-breaker, and instead of warning Grigalava showed a yellow card near Oleg Ivanov. The midfielder tried to explain that the rules violated his teammate, but the referee remained adamant. In the end Ivanov from-for search of cards will miss the next game.

Referee: Sergei Karasev

37th minute- good decision. Frost with pegs knocked into the penalty area incoming Ignatieff. A penalty no doubt.

47th minute- good decision. Ignatieff is deliberately held out her hand, and after hitting the ball at the gate “Locomotive” got into it. Fair penalty and yellow card for the offender.

Karasev perfectly met. He is clearly the best judge of the 18th round. His confident, competent and qualified decisions say about finding them in top shape. If Sergei had the same form during the 2018 world Cup, his judgement is not confined to just one game.

Referee: Vitali Meshkov

14-I minute – the right decision. Ozdoev back struck Bakaeva on the leg, for which he rightly received a yellow card.

21st minute – the right decision. Dzyuba without breaking the rules wins the fight at Kutepova and shot. The episode ended with an own goal from defender, and his claim to the judge are unfounded.

48 – the right decision. Defence aerially elbow struck the head of the opponent and the case received a second yellow.

75-I minute – the right decision. Rakitskiy was on the lawn in the penalty area behind the ball and as it seems, unintentionally lightly touched him. No penalty is assigned, and the video replays of clarity not make. I want to give an example associated with driving: “Not sure – do not overtake”.

Losing Bags, although age enables you to play more clearly and confidently. Gross errors Vitaly is not made, but fresh and bright games are also not shown. He had a separate incorrect decisions related to the definition of the technical and disciplinary violations. For example, at the end of the second half Dzyuba, passing along the end line inside the penalty area, hands pushed the defender of “Spartacus” and gave Erokhin, whose shot went over the crossbar. And if Erokhin scored, would have been another embarrassing incident.

Referee: Sergey Lapochkin

If you make a mistake the game of the 15th round of “Dynamo” – “Ahmad” and missed a month of matches in RPL, the game in Krasnodar Lapochkin held tight and securely. Now, if each judge for a lack of quality refereeing in RPL month, judged the competition city or regional scale, this undoubtedly would benefit professional football.

Referee: Nikolay Voloshin

To Voloshin no complaints from managers and players of teams. There are claims to the DSI. In the game of the 17th round “Ural” – “Spartak” Djikia in his box hand knocks the opponent to the ground, but Voloshin then a penalty has not appointed. The incorrect solution, nevertheless, he still received the appointment to the next round. How could this happen? Why not matured the period of suspension from officiating for the poor quality of the matches? Alas, many “why?” clear answers, the public will not receive.

BEST ROUND JUDGE: Sergey Karasev (Moscow)

Пенальти за игру рукой Ракицкого не было, гол Дзюбы засчитан верно

Among the seven best judges of our rating in the 18-th round worked only one Dry. However, from the point of view of judging the tour was good – only one gross error in eight games.

source: “Soviet sport”

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