A unique case in the NHL! Vasilevsky and Corbicula went down in history, reflecting the 146 shots!


85 saves Corbicula 61 and the reflected shot Vasilevsky — it was a real battle of giants. More than six hours lasted the match, which is unlikely to be forgotten and hockey, and those fans who were able to see out from the beginning to the end in front of screens, watching this hockey marathon.

“I don’t think that someone of the fans can really understand how hard it is players to act in the same pace to keep the speed and sharpness for such a long time,” said head coach “Tampa” John Cooper, but added that it ended great.

Table playoffs NHL 2019/2020

Of course, for the rest of the series this match could be not the good place to start. The team was pretty exhausted already at the start, and is sharp, sharp fight and enjoy the battle of two polar systems, we can see not the most interesting “butting” against the background of fatigue.

Andrei Vasilevskiy — 61 reflected shot,
Joonas Coresolo — 85 of the reflected shots.

“Columbus” — 62 blocked shots.
The Tampa — 188 attempts to quit.

Seth Jones is 65 minutes and 6 seconds game time
Zach Verinsky — 61:14,
Victor Hedman — 57:38.

However, this is all speculation, and now it’s time to give credit to the goalies, as these guys worked up a sweat all 6 hours, not being able to sit on the bench. Joonas Coresolo, a former colleague of Sergei Bobrovsky, who was long not taken seriously in the current playoffs has declared itself in all voice. Finn has become a full-fledged starter for the “blue Jackets”, and if you compare his percentages with those in the playoffs played Bobrovsky, the numbers are not in favor of star Russian.

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Over the three periods of normal time, “Tampa” consistently shot on his goal at 13-14 times during the period. In overtime, the activity slightly decreased, but also went in waves: in the third and fourth overtimes Corbicula has reflected 14 throws, and the fifth missed the first shot.

“I hope that Corbicula will exceed 100 saves! And Wasilewski will beat my record 73 saves. Whatever the outcome of this match is a unique case,” — admired goalkeeper expert Sportsnet Kelly Hrudy, last known goalkeeper.

The Vasilevsky load was slightly less, but still very decent. In the last 40 minutes of main time, he fought off 20 shots, in four overtimes — 34. And the last part, “Columbus” conducted more actively, having thrice disturb Andrew, before Braden point scored the winning goal.

Rights to video owned by “Yandex”. View the video on the site “Yandex.Ether”.

Such a long match caused controversy about whether or not at a certain level to enter in the playoffs a series of free throws, but a conservative opinion here was much more significant.

“The shootout can be fun, they demonstrate the technique, but in the playoffs they have no place. Four or five of the overtime is exhausting, physically and mentally, but they still capture the audience, offering honest and true way to solve the issue with the winner. Anyone who watched these matches, I remember them all my life. As said a member of the Hall of fame is Dave Andreychuk, in these games everyone wants to become a hero,” said columnist the Athletic Joe Smith.

Andrey Vasilevskiy beat the club’s Cup record “Tampa”, which belonged to Nicholas Khabibulina (60 of the reflected shots), and most importantly — was able to score a hard-fought victory.

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