A young talent needs to leave Russia. Hviche urgently needs a top league


A young talent needs to leave Russia. Hviche urgently needs a top league

It is always difficult to find the perfect moment to leave a comfortable environment. Khvicha is definitely enjoying Slutsky’s Rubin, he is the main star and at the same time a great hope. The club has the first European cups in many years, a good composition for fighting at the top of the table, and without Kvaratskhelia, all this can quickly collapse. But no one will definitely condemn him for healthy egoism and a sincere desire to play at a different level.

Now the 20-year-old Georgian is the most valuable RPL player for the European tops. The footballer’s agent Mamuka Jugelia named 10 clubs that are interested in him – from Tottenham to Juventus and two – with which specific negotiations are already underway. One is from England, the other is from Italy. The player’s representative estimated the probability of switching to the summer transfer window at 85-90%. And that means only a miracle, or a serious injury will prevent Khvichi from being cut in a steep league in the fall.

The current “Ruby” will not give Kvaratskhelia anything globally. And the conditional “Zenith” will not give either – all the talk about the European level of our clubs is complete nonsense. With RPL players, Georgians have not been developing for a long time, he rested on the ceiling. You can continue to make clowns out of defenders, but if you don’t go anywhere, the degradation will gradually begin, inherent for players with unlimited potential. That is why a young talent needs to leave Russia now. He urgently needs a top league. In the RPL, the footballer is no longer progressing. And it is important that Rubin clearly understands and supports this.

“I will personally bring him somewhere in Europe by car if the borders are closed. He must play in a worthy big European club, ”said Rubin’s sports director Oleg Yarovinsky in February this year.

Slutsky also supports the possible withdrawal as much as possible, repeating at every press conference that the player is ready for the next step and must do it in the near future. At the same time, the head coach is not particularly worried about candidates for replacement – Leonid is sure that they will be there, and the club will cope.

The most important thing for Khvichi is to go to the coach, who will immediately believe in him and provide playing time. Otherwise, at the age of 20, you can relax, be disappointed and instantly turn sour. Kvaratskhelia himself understands this, so he will definitely carefully approach the choice of the club. So far, the most obvious contender for a player is Tottenham. In this team, the midfielder will probably immediately find himself in a wide rotation, given the team’s calendar. And he will probably play 15-20 matches in the first season. The only question is how much the style of the Premier League suits him. Some people think that Khvichi at the first stage needs a more calm rhythm – Italy or Spain.

Let’s see what the midfielder chooses. There are options, which means that the probability of error is sharply reduced.

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