Adiev left the coaching staff of “Ahmad” after 10 days after the appointment


© RIA Novosti / Alexander vilf / go to banks, head coach of “Anzhi” Magomed adievАдиев покинул тренерский штаб "Ахмата" спустя 10 дней после назначения

Magomed adiev said that left the coaching staff of the football club “Ahmad” (Grozny).

The main trainer of “Ahmad” on September 30 was appointed Igor Shalimov, his staff entered adiev, Ravil Sabitov and Andrey Mitin.

“Today I made the difficult decision not to continue with his job as senior coach of FC “Ahmad”. This decision was gave to me very hardly, but after weighing the pros and cons, I decided that it would be better for the team – wrote adiev on his page in Instagram. I probably could work the second coach in any other club, forget about your ambitions. In any except the “Akhmad”. Here too I miss everything, too emotional, and therefore my emotions can interfere with the team, and head coach”.

“Besides, all those conversations about what adiev should be the next head coach of the “Akhmad”, is not going to benefit neither the team nor the coaching staff. At the critical moment the most important thing for the team is calm and systematic work, and the less different distractions, the better for all. I believe that Igor will cope with its tasks and help the team to rectify the situation in the standings,” he added.

Adiev stressed that between him and the Shalimov “are a good trusting relationship, and that’s why he doesn’t want to interfere with the head coach to do their job”.

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