After a two-week break to resume the matches of the Russian Premier League


September 12 evening, the match “Zenit” – “Arsenal” will start the program 9 round of the Russian Premier League. The tour, which can be rich in sensations. После двухнедельной паузы возобновляются матчи Российской премьер-лиги

Today’s match with Arsenal will be for Artem Dzuba third in the last week. Photo: RIA Novosti.

A two-week pause in the championship, connected with matches of national teams in qualification for Euro 2020 is a real headache for club coaches. This is especially true of the top clubs, which delegate to the national teams of almost half of the main players. It turns out that the leaders operate these days under the supervision of other professionals, by other methods, solve other tasks. Someone injured, someone is tired, someone sat in the team on the bench and lost the rhythm of the game. To bring them to life need as quickly as possible. Take the “Zenith” – the players returned to St. Petersburg on Tuesday and the championship match is scheduled on Friday. That is only two days of normal training.

With calendar, by the way, is another story. Schedule 9-th autumn and the subsequent rounds of the Premier League has released the night of 7 to 8 September, less than a week before the games. The audience initially promised to do this September 5, which is also generally late. But in the end, the process is actively interfered with our Champions League “Zenit” and “locomotive”. They were trying to get the most convenient schedule and approval of the calendar is delayed to the last.

As these methods are the Russian representatives in European cups will help, only time will tell. While interesting to watch, will give us the upcoming tour sensation. The more explicit the Central there is a match, and the leaders meet with teams less status.

In an interview with “RG” former head coach of the Moscow “Dynamo” Andrey Kobelev said that the pause on the teams worst impact on the leaders of the championship.

Hard to prepare the team after a break?

Andrey Kobelev: of Course, the club coaches have a tough time. The players of the teams going back to a different state. Some of them held both games and someone was sitting on the bench. It is a problem, because they have to bring everyone to a common denominator. Plus let’s not forget about the flights. All this affects the training, and not the best way. And it’s mainly a question of leaders of the championship, in which almost all players stand for the national teams.

После двухнедельной паузы возобновляются матчи Российской премьер-лиги

In this regard, we can expect sensations in the next round?

Andrey Kobelev: So the statistics always after breaks are unexpected results. Here, because more than the physical fatigue is and psychology: someone with his team lost and another won. In the preparation of coaches take into account all these factors.

In the last days of Yuri Semin actively complains about the calendar, calling it ruthless for our clubs. Agree with him?

Andrey Kobelev: Every coach wants his team had a convenient schedule. So you have a chance to practice, choose the right tactics, composition. But if you’re involved in the Champions League, then they should be ready to any calendar. In this regard, Lokomotiv are more fortunate. And here “Krasnodar”, which since early July has already played 12 matches, not envy.

“Locomotive” and “Zenith” next week to start in the Champions League. Maybe they should keep some players on this tour?

Andrey Kobelev: I Think this will not happen. Of course, you can give rest to those who played a lot lately. But the “Locomotive” with “Zenith” such compositions are that they can easily replace 1-2 players. I’m sure neither Semin nor Semak will not sacrifice the championship.

Note that the 9-th round will be completed only on Monday, two matches. “Dynamo” will “Ufa” and “Rostov” will play with “Ahmad”. None of these teams in European competition is not involved, and why was it necessary to appoint such matches on weekends, to the detriment of the interests of fans, remains a mystery. But bad practice football on Mondays in the Premier League applies the first year, and abandon it, obviously no one is going.

Where will look

September 13, Friday, Match of the Premier

19.45 “Zenit” – “Arsenal”. Video stream.

September 14, Saturday, Match Premier

15.55 “Spartak” – “Ural”. Video stream.

18.45 “Sochi” – “Lokomotiv”. Video stream.

September 15, Sunday, Match TV

16.25 “Tambov” – CSKA. Video stream.

The Match Of The Premier

13.55 “Orenburg” – “Rubin”. Video stream.

18.45 “Krasnodar” – “Wings Of The Soviets”. Video stream.

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