Again chaos in the tournament, MMA. They say one coach hit another with a knife. Video


Once again a mass brawl ended the tournament in MMA. Now it happened in Nur-Sultan. reports that the beginning of the unrest has put the coach of one of the participants of the tournament when he attacked his colleague and, according to some eyewitnesses, hit with a knife… possession of weapons by anyone at all from being in the moment on stage, of course, denied, but much easier this information is not perceived.

Was there a knife or not, attack one mentor to another during the duel between their wards in the ring could not get past a hot team representatives. Naturally, everyone who could immediately jumped up from their seats and rushed to the epicenter of the conflict, which in seconds turned into a mess.

Video is available on the “Championship”.

The record shows, as the crowd particularly excited slayers focused beyond the side of the ring, behind which stood the judge’s tables, but the side seems to be in fight did not participate, and was not even the cause of the massacre wall to wall. To place unauthorized fighting immediately ran a few guards, but “put out” from the crowd, they were not with his hands. The servants of order in the arena first set point to pull the most aggressive and not be effortlessly taken away from those riots. Fighters in the ring at this point, calmly walking around the perimeter of your competitive zone and shyly looked at the showdown between the teams.

Information about the victims during the massacre at Nur Sultan yet. However, even without this recent tradition to make fights a wall on a wall right in these Amateur competitions — something totally unacceptable. But it is happening more often, though recently it seemed that these fights tournaments between the teams left in the 2010’s.

Video is available on the “Championship”.

Just last week in Moscow there was one similar incident. 31 January came news of a mass brawl in the tournament “Coliseum”. And it has not done without victims. According to Pavel Murtazin, the coach of the “Vityaz”, which played at the Coliseum, to a mass brawl gave the provocation that began before the tournament. As a result of fight have suffered some athletes do: one cut his head, broke the nose of another, the third brush. Someone of the men stole the phone.

“Disputes with the judges in the halls, shoving, pushing, athletes could not just up to the cells walk. All of this was provided by the audience, which organizers are constantly called to order, but they ignored” — are the words of the coach on the website of “the Fifth channel”.

In these stories the most difficult to place blame after a brawl involving dozens of people. However, someone should definitely be held accountable for what happened in Moscow and Nur-Sultan, because now it seems like the provocateurs in such tournaments can do whatever they please — punishment all the same will not follow. And the victims in this whole situation will be not only received on the head or lost their phones, the participants of the fight, but also ordinary spectators to cheer for their own. And in any case can not forget about those who take to such activities of children, relatives and friends who are not accustomed to this part of the military entourage.

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