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Aging Macedonian, enemy stands or a free agent. Who will be the new defensive midfielder of “Spartacus”


Last summer, Thomas Zorn and Oleg Kononov have tried to solve the problem in the middle of the field. In my opinion, Alex was Stealing from Slavia. Young Czech seemed like a great purchase, but the rate has not played. The reference area remained under question after the departure Kononov. To disentangle the problem on one of the most important positions had Domenico Tedesco, and while, admittedly, he is still their worry. In the winter make the necessary transfer failed, but the German, the Italian is optimistic about the summer. According to rumors, he asks Zorn to find someone like Wilmar Barrios to mercilessly burned the center of the field.

What’s wrong?

Guliyev goes too

The end of may, it seems, was to Ayaz Guliyev and even end the career in “Spartacus”, the Pupil, which had forgave outrageous antics, this made a fatal mistake. In a training session midfielder “ran” the coaches because they call him a leader, but not put in the composition — that is simply a hypocrite. Maybe the coaches really tipped, but occur Ayaz is not exactly followed. Still fresh was the memory of how Guliyev in April 2019, the beat American Michael Cole, who before this were almost run over by car. Apparently, after the incident, the midfielder was at the club as if on probation: the following misconduct immediately sent the player in “Spartak-2”. And there is a sense that the way back he ordered. After all, with Tedesco, he only played in 2 matches and played a total of 41 minutes.

Стареющий македонец, враг трибун или свободный агент. Кто станет новым опорником «Спартака»

Ayaz Guliev has every reason to think about the transition / Photo: © RIA Novosti/Vladimir Song

Stealing is not drawn

After Guliyev went to PFL (which, by the way completed ahead of schedule), in “Spartacus” from Midfielders left only Alex Kral. In winter, red-and-white finally said goodbye to Fernando, selling it in the Chinese “Beijing Guoan” for 9.6 million euros. But he could be useful! Stealing, of course, potentially strong, but defensive actions to cope not the best way. Its protective performance is not impressive: the average number of selections per game to 1.8, steals and 1.3, the success in the martial arts — 53%. The half-backs all the Russian top clubs are superior to Spartak in these components. Much better than Stealing manifests itself in the creation, but here his stats are pretty modest. Over 12 games created only 1 goal, sharp passes per game — an average of 0.7, the accuracy of passes — 80%. Maybe Spartak’s David Luiz still played out, but is unlikely to be the Barrios, who is looking for Tedesco.

Стареющий македонец, враг трибун или свободный агент. Кто станет новым опорником «Спартака»

As David Luiz, Alex Steal not defend very well / Photo: © Sergey Kivrin / Match TV

Zobnin has shifted

Of course, the position of the defensive midfielder can always take Roman Zobnin. He has speed and tenacity, before he engaged in the destruction. However, Tedesco’s romance began to appear more frequently on the right flank and there it looks very organic. On the edge Zobnin fully shows its best qualities. In November, Tedesco noted the progress of the midfielder:

— Zobnin progresses on the right of midfield. He’s great to play in attack, he sees the right moment to connect in the penalty area. I am very happy with them.

Who can come?

Ariyan Ademi

Recently there have been news that “Spartacus” is interested in midfielder Zagreb “Dinamo” Ariana Ademi. Here immediately arises the question: who in God’s name is this? Ademi — Macedonian midfielder, who on may 29 turned 29 years old. He is the captain of “Dynamo” and one of the most experienced players of the club. On account of his 69 matches in the competition, in which he scored 7 goals and 5 assists. Currently Transfermarkt estimates the Macedonian 5.5 million euros. However, his contract with the club expires only in 2023, the year, and it can be a challenge. “Spartacus” is likely to be very reluctant to spend money this summer. However, if you manage someone to sell (the same Guliyev), it is possible to fork out. Another question: is it worth it aging Macedonian from Croatia?

Nonsense or they could be?

You can not ignore the rumors about the return of the red-white camp and Denis Glushakov. Leonid Fedun has called it nonsense, but in “Spartacus” anything can happen. The club knows many “crazy” stories, which eventually turned into reality: the acquisition of Vladimir Bystrov from Zenit, moving back Artem Dzuba, blind faith in Oleg Kononov… the Leadership of the red-white does not possess the consistency, and therefore to expect from it all — even the return of Glushakova. From the point of view of common sense this step will, of course, you’re talking about “impossible to describe with decent words”: in “Ahmad” Denis performs mediocre. He’s 33 years old, and he became for “Spartaka” a past stage. And with their fans top club, coming in 8th place, it is better not to swear. Glushakova and they can’t stand.

Free agents

If “Spartak” wants to carefully spend money, breeders will surely pay attention to the free agent market. Unfortunately, there are a variety is not too large. Will have to choose mainly among veterans. For example, right now sitting without a club well known to the Russian fans on performances for “Anzhi” the Brazilian Jucilei. He’s 32, and he could only for a short time to patch the flaw, which Tedesco need to close for many years. Same story with John Obi Mikel, who broke a contract with Trabzonspor because of unwillingness to continue the season in the period of the pandemic. Once the Nigerian was very good, but does not help “Spartak” in his 33.

A little more options in the list of those who will remain without a club since June 30. There is, for example, 27-the summer halfback “Lester” Nampala Mendy, who has joined in the fight, “St-étienne”, “Udinese” and the same “Trabzonspor”. Will end at the end of the month contract and midfielder Athletic Bilbao Mikel San Jose. However, he’s 31, and practice it the last time was with gulkin nose. The most interesting candidate for the transfer looks nose “of Feyenord” Renato Tapia. Peruvian 24, and he demonstrates a very good game. However, here and competition will be high: a player’s claim “Celtic”, “Glasgow Rangers”, “Celta” and even “Los Angeles galaxy”.

Finally, the icing on the cake: expires agreement with the Mexican “Tigres” 30-year-old Rafaela Carioca. Once someone thought to start a rumor about Glushakova, why not do the same thing with the player that won the heart of Valery Karpin?


Of course, there are still various options with the rental. However, in this difficult time, Tedesco, Zorn and the rest will have to include all its diplomatic skills to get the desired player. And they can’t be wrong — too hungry Spartak audience by the result. After several high-profile transfer failures need to hit the target.