Akinfeev took the blame for the defeat of CSKA in the matches with Lokomotiv and Dynamo


CSKA captain and goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev commented on the start of the season for the team.

In three starting rounds, the army team beat Ufa (1: 0) and lost to Lokomotiv (1: 2) and Dynamo (1: 2).

– First, the reason is in us, in our game. For the third match in a row, we are playing in a way that is unacceptable for CSKA, – said Akinfeev in an interview with the club’s YouTube channel . – I would like to see more attacking play, I would like to see a slightly different CSKA. Plus individual mistakes.

The games with Lokomotiv and Dynamo, which we lost 1: 2, drew the line. Naturally, the goalkeeper should help out, in these two matches I did not help out . Therefore, I completely take the blame on myself.

If we had played 1: 1 in both matches, it would have been a slightly different mood . This made it possible to dance and watch the next match with a positive attitude. But there is still little positive, we will try to somehow get out of this situation.

– We lose the second match, taking the lead. Is there any explanation for this?

– Probably, we can’t score first. Of course, all this is irony and jokes. But I don’t want to joke. I would like to return to the game, at least in dedication to the previous level, which has always been . Then you can already joke and speak ironically.

– How does the team react to the defeat by Dynamo?

– In the locker room everyone is upset, including me. When you have a bad match, the frustration is always greater. We have to get out. Used words, but there is no other way .

We must try to break it, do something. Ahead is not the easiest calendar, but in these matches you have to bite into goals, points, then everything will break.

– How can you explain what is happening with CSKA? Why isn’t what it was before?

– Well, I cannot explain, because I am an active football player, I have no right to explain the coach’s tactics . And secondly, the team is no longer young. The team must improve, the team must mature, but so far we do not see this. Errors affect, and serious errors. Football is made up of mistakes.

While such a situation, and explanations are superfluous, everything can be seen on the football field. We will not wait, but we must somehow start to do it. The most important thing is to make fewer mistakes, and then everything will be fine.

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CSKA with 3 points are on the 9th line in the Tinkoff Russian Premier League. In the next round, CSKA will play away from Rostov on 14 August. 

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