Alekno: Recruitment given the chance to prove himself at Zenit, but under my control


© RIA Novosti / Maxim Bogodvid / Go to the image BankPlayer VC “Zenit-Kazan” Alexey VerbovАлекно: Вербову дан шанс проявить себя в "Зените", но под моим контролем

Veronica Stolbunova. The head coach of the Kazan volleyball club “Zenith” Vladimir Alekno told RIA Novosti that the head coach of the team Alexey Recruitment given the chance to prove himself to the coaching post, but under his control.

Verbov was the playing coach of “Zenith” last season. He planned to finish his playing career in may. Earlier in an interview with Alekno RIA Novosti reported that the role of Werbowy in the team this season will increase. On Wednesday, in an interview with the Kazan edition “Business Online” Verbov said that he will now be responsible for the entire athletic Department, and Alekno will not be present on the bench during matches.

“I continue to work in a team. Recruitment given the chance to prove themselves, to show what he can and what he can do. Plus we are talking about the education of young staff. We’re all just saying that we should educate young people, but if we do not trust and give a chance to – where this footage will be taken? The coaching staff is the same players who have to raise and raise. I’ll be right behind Alexei, everything will be under my control. And games, of course, I will attend,” said Alekno on the phone.

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