Alex Kral. Hopeless homebody


To create a football team is like an apartment equip: and good taste is required for this, and the ability to keep up with fashion. Bulk purse is not a guarantee of success in such a delicate matter. History knows many examples when even cool, expensive player did not fit into the club’s interior were outliers.

The leadership of Spartacus is not confused. In their design abilities, it, apparently, absolutely sure, that finds expression in the ease with which the shell is sometimes questionable from the point of view of the gaming prospects of newcomers.

How many of them passed through the Village of Tushino and only recently? Not considered. Here and in the current staffing there are any. The same Stealing, in my opinion, their bread if works, then not fully. Slightly above average was the midfielder who was found on the football “bazaars” breeders of red and white. And the match with Lokomotiv is once again confirmed.


Cech was located mainly in the Central zone in front of the defence, performing the functions of the so-called breakwater, on which the idea of Domenico Tedesco needs to break the opponent’s attack. Forward went extremely rare, has not been nominated even when the situation urgently required the presence at the forefront of a large number of players. Lokomotiv forward because the top of my head did not climb: develop attacks slowly. When disruptions amicably retreated to his own penalty area, forcing owners to look for happiness in positional attacks, which they are, to put it mildly, dislike. And then I could use an extra pair of legs head, however, Kral did not think to procedat “cozy sofa”, proved to be a chronic homebody.


Focused on her entirely, with varying degrees of success. In contacts with opponents showed well-established skills of selection and acceptable stiffness. In the struggle on the “second floor” — the prudence and pertinacity. And position worked correctly — never seriously failed. And acted on the entire width of the pitch, restricting thereby owned the ball the opponent, not allowing him to effectively counter-attack. He was worth with the attitude the guy enough for both halves: it was evident physically ready. Moreover, it is unclear what prevented him a little more involved in the attacks, to support them not only transmissions from the deep, which, to be honest, to reach their destinations not often, but also personal presence in the ranks of the advancing.


More or less intelligible attacks Alex was honored three times. Raced down the right flank into the penalty area in the 35th minute: combination of completed stroke.

In the 55th, he had shot the goalkeeper, the threat took. And at the end of the match and wrestle in the air with a defender in the penalty area and flicked the ball to the partner. Here, perhaps, and the whole contribution of the Czech midfielder in the offensive red and white.

Not impressive? I agree. Especially when you consider that with the attack the team has serious problems. Her counterattacks, for example, rarely catch the opponent by surprise — readable and malleable. And about the efficiency of positional attacks, even can not speak — they are so primitive. No team of performers (Bakaev far from the best) capable of the latter, penetrating pass. And Stole high culture pass has not, although its absence could be compensated with the shots, putting pressure on the defense… Like, say, who missed this match is Krychowiak, achiever and back to work in full, and ahead of the tension to escalate.

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