Alexander Bubnov: “CSKA was the game rod, and “Spartak” constantly improvised”


Lokomotiv looked very sluggish. The movement is not the same, there was collective pressure, a large number of marriage. It’s difficult to identify someone from the lineup of hosts on the positive side, except that the substitute goalkeeper Anton Kochenkov. Everyone else, even the leaders, had a dull play. Krychowiak emerged only towards the end, Alexey miranchuk made so many mistakes. On the other hand, even at the ordinary-looking game could be the author of two assists, and eventually equalized. In General, the railroad gave the impression of a team that has not recovered from the last match. Of course, the schedule is now tight, but the conditions are the same. Those “wings of the Soviets” a few days ago very well played against “Zenith” and continued in the same vein with “the Locomotive”.

Samarians looked good, confidently counterattacked, used the pressure on the opponent’s half of the field, ran great fast breaks. Efficiently re-allocated forward Glushenkov, excellent movement and the inspiration demonstrated by goals the Radonjic. To maintain the intensity the new head coach Andrey Talalaev properly used replacement, but he was not lucky. Hadi quickly earned two yellow cards, and Zinkovsky has not used the right chance to resolve all issues in the end. Before it opened a lot of opportunities, had plenty of time — failed equipment. In a similar situation, only more challenging after a couple of hours properly understood of vlašić.

“Wings of the Soviets” lost victory that may come back to haunt them painful in the struggle for the preservation of residence. However, the point in Moscow still won, and if they continue to play in the same spirit as in the last two meetings, they have a chance to escape. “Locomotive”, to put it mildly, not impressed. Another look at “Krasnodar, but with this game it will be difficult to maintain second place.

In comparison with the match against “Dynamo” no rebuild CSKA did not happen. Even the starting lineup changed only in one position: from the first minute played Kuchaev, not Sigurdsson. Again in the crucial role in the midfield came a young Merabishvili, which overall looked confident and made a good impression. The team of Viktor Gancharenko has generally acted collected and concentrated, after the first goal, controlled the game, didn’t allow the opponents to seize the center.

The youth of “Spartacus” is also apparently promising, it needs to develop. But unlike CSKA red-white less time spent in this combination. Besides, it is constantly changing. From position to position roam Zobnin, not in its place did the tank and Umarov. Tedesco rebuilds the game is a time consuming process, during which every time I have to catch the game. Arsenal turned valiantly to counterattack, with the “Ufa” has already had serious problems, the victory failed against CSKA and did the same — even to take control of the middle line, when the situation calls for it. In addition to single shot Umarova at the end of the clear scoring chances more there is nothing to remember.

“Spartacus” a bit more started the game, but then CSKA were added, and the vlašić scored the determining goal. Young Maksimenko did mistake, but the experienced Akinfeev saved the most important point. To the fore in the Derby were the leaders, which rests largely CSKA. In addition to Igor played Mario Fernandez and vlašić, to the replacement looked good ahead Chalov. And most importantly — communication in the team generally well-established. When there is a core, if not sometimes silly failures in the defense (which today was not), the result is much easier than constantly improvise.

And “Spartak” after a break was engaged in the attack just that. The role of leader came out it Zobnin. And rightly so, “Spartak” needs leaders and instigators, and Zobnina 26 — Mature football age. Unfortunately, Zobnin succumbed to provocation, roughly shrugged after a light jab in the back and received a straight red. What did he expect? Of course, not restrained, but such moments need as quickly as possible to grow.

As for returning Gancharenko, it couldn’t have worked out better. Failures happen, failed matches, emotional decisions. The situation with the departure of the head coach of CSKA Moscow until the end remains unclear. However, based on today’s game and result, we can safely assume that Gancharenko will remain in the team until at least the end of the season. And then the coach and the management need to calmly discuss the prospects of further cooperation.

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