Alexander Bubnov: “”locomotive” beat on the wall, not swung, but slowly and fatefully”


Although Sochi has started fast, quickly took the lead and had another chance in the whole game left not the best impression. “Zenit” acted matirovannym the squad, with the chance the players tried (in the first half, the referee even regretted Leon Musaev, not showing a second yellow), but overall it was easy to see why they are not basic. Thus the St. Petersburg club won the class. Malcolm scored a beautiful goal, it is clear that he has great potential. But to assess his performance given the investments necessary for next season and especially in the Champions League. The main thing is to avoid injuries.

“Zenit” had the initiative, and “Sochi” is not acted as aggressively and powerfully as I could. Especially in the part of the southerners a lot of ex-players of “Zenit”, the so-called revanchists, what would be difficult to guess, if just to watch and not know the implications. Not a friendly match, but not really fighting.

Lokomotiv once again looked unimpressive in attack. In the middle line was missing important players like Krychowiak and Barinov — nevertheless ideas than control for the sake of control, was not observed. All the gears on the Edera was doomed to readjust, too, failed. Lokomotiv fought about a wall, not swung, but slowly, and somehow doomed. If not for a penalty late in the first half, “Spartak”, which was organised zarazhenie and overall better before the break, it would be much easier. Red-white generally looked more solid than in previous matches against CSKA and “Tambov”.

In the second half with the score tied and sometimes had the impression that everyone is happy with a draw. Although players were trying, the struggle for the initiative in the middle line was leaking at a fairly low temp, no one ran into dangerous counterattacks “the locomotive” in the ending had more possession in the opposing half, but it wasn’t even close to assault.

Almost all scoring chances “the Locomotive” was again associated with the figure Aleksey Miranchuk. The team of Nikolic, he is a clear leader, key player, from initiative and successful actions which directly depends on the result. Earned and converted an 11-foot, nearly fell into the corner after a standard. Another good moment was only Zamaletdinova, who struck from outside the penalty area. For the Beginning of a good experience to try on the role of the leader to such an extent. He looks energetic, more fighting, and provides a result. Perhaps this part of the season will benefit him in the future on the national team.

However, the “Locomotive” such obsession is certainly a minus. The quality of the game, this Derby was clearly inferior to Zenit with FC Krasnodar, where the team Musayev made mistakes, but we looked much more interesting “Locomotive”. The railroad will probably lose points, so the “Krasnodar” there is a real chance for second place.

Judging personally, I have not caused issues. Many yellow cards? And which had no grounds? A penalty took place clearly. Umarov lost the position to the Beginning, it pushed the casing, and Djikia was ready to insure, so that the foul was not necessary. Removal Tedesco is also the case. You can understand the emotions of German, but the coach should not behave like that. In my opinion, since the judiciary was headed by Viktor Kassai, our referees, in General, no longer afraid, more confident and work harder.

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