Alexander Egorov: Daudov was not enough, judge Dry, and protected


Traditional debriefing from the head of the Department of refereeing and inspection of the Premier League on Tuesday was canceled, and then we planned for the late evening.

Many thought that the case goes… to the resignation of Alexander Yegorov, a chair which after another scandals greatly swayed. But – nothing happened. The main topics, of course, began the episode with a broken nose with impunity, CSKA forward Fyodor Chalova and the demarche of the President “Akhmad” , Magomed Daudov, who after the match with Spartak grabbed the judge Alexei Dry.

– The atmosphere at the match “Ahmad” – “Spartak” escalated after Dry for two minutes showed two yellow cards, striker owners Ablay to Mbenga. Sure whether the arbiter when he issued the Senegalese second booking for a foul on George Djikia?
– The rules of the game, there were stepping. Mbeng late to the ball and spikes ran into the leg Djikia. It’s clean yellow card. And that means deletion. After all, Mbenga was already booked. And also absolutely fair. Another thing is that in that episode Dry until the end not understood. Djikia provoked attacker “Ahmad” grasping after a missed goal the ball in his hands. Maybe if the player also received a card of emotions at once lay down. And so the conflict continued.

– And then to address Dry was showered with insults from the stands, someone on a loudspeaker called the judge “goat”. This man seems to be already fired. But witnesses talking about the threats at the referee from the Daudova. What’s the answer?
– You need to contact to reporters who spread such rumours. That, he says, the President “Akhmad” something shouted, pointing at a Dry finger. I have not heard anything and not seen when viewing the report from Grozny.

Александр Егоров: Даудов не хватал судью Сухого, а защищал

– They say that Daudov was near the technical area…
– This matter will be discussed at the CDC meeting. In the report of the delegate says that Daudov actually went to the technical area where it has no right to be. About the threats but no official evidence of it. I can only appeal to the documents.

– And the presence of unauthorized persons in the judicial report said? There is a video where Daudov Dry enough by the hand and leads somewhere.
– No judges nobody came. Can watch video from surveillance cameras under the bleachers. And in the report there is nothing. I immediately after the game talked with Daudova. According to him, no excesses were not.

And Dry you have discussed the situation?
– Of course.

– What does he say? His one hand is not enough?
– Daudov approached the referee after the match, in fact anything thrown from the stands. He defended Dry. And it has allowed to avoid provocations. After all, fans are seething, openly expressed dissatisfaction with the refereeing. Had to repay passions. Daudov did. In addition to the inspector the match was attended by the delegate and the Commissioner. They all told me confirm. In the end, the game was secured.

Александр Егоров: Даудов не хватал судью Сухого, а защищал

– Okay. Then comment on the refereeing in the match CSKA – Sochi. Was there a foul by Ivan Miladinovic on Clove?
Yes. Here is a black and white moment. For such a violation must show red. And if it was a penalty “Sochi”, and assign a penalty. The episode will be considered by the FTC.

– What can you say about the violation on the Arnor Sigurdsson, which provoked the injury, the Icelandic midfielder of CSKA?
– Here is the red to not show. Yes, there was a slight flight phase, but without the straight legs, without studs… of Course, this reckless behavior. And when in such situations we don’t like warning, it irritates all. Can’t explain why Vitali Bags without yellow. He told me after the game: “I’m broke”.

Александр Егоров: Даудов не хватал судью Сухого, а защищал

– Behind five rounds. Many say that such poor refereeing in RPL has not been…
We have conducted a detailed analysis. It turned out that the in-game moments mistaken experienced judges, arbitrators FIFA. And this, of course, sad. Some of the obviously lowered to itself requirements… Therefore, it was decided that to the nearest Executive Committee RFS will be prepared an additional list of young judges to increase competition in the RPL.

Similar situation in Germany, where experienced arbitrators, too, are mistaken. Igor Nizovtsev and inspector Sergey Andreev already suspended for the rest of the season. But in this division we have introduced six new judges. The quality and dedication they have no questions.

– And to you questions, the new President of the RFU Alexander Dyukov there? Feel his trust?
We’re constantly in touch, I feel the support. I already who were fired… And the President of one club, and experts, and former colleagues. The main thing – not to give in to emotions. They interfere with thinking.

source: “Soviet sport”

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