Alexander Emelianenko: When the Russian people live badly, he blames his wife, for God’s work — all except myself”


The Russian fighter of the mixed single combats Alexander Emelyanenko became interested in Russian classical literature and speculated after reading the story of Maxim Gorky.

— I read Maxim Gorky, I really liked the expression. When a Russian man very bad time, he blames his wife, for God’s work — all except himself. This is the Russian nature. We always complain about someone in order to justify our stupidity, laziness, our inability to live and work. Golden words he said. Don’t be lazy, and work, and you will be rewarded — said Emelianenko in a video posted to Instagram.

On the eve of Emelianenko recorded a video message to his future opponent Magomed Ismailovu, promising to beat him in an internal battle that will take place on July 24.

In the asset 38-year-old Emelianenko’s 28 wins, seven losses and one draw. The 33-year-old Ismailov five victories, two defeats and a draw.

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