Alexander Krylov: “Avangard” — a symbol of Omsk, he should and will play in his hometown”


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Omsk “Avangard” Alexander Krylov told about the construction progress of the new arena the hawks, noting that new construction should take no more than two years.

Despite the limitations associated with the coronavirus, as well as the difficult economic situation, we did everything to stay in the chart. Difficulties were many, but our team worked well and smoothly: the four expertise and the tender for selection of contractor, preparation of concession agreement delayed us slightly. We knew that to bring the fans and Omsk “Avangard” we did not. For the construction we only have two years is very short time for the object at this level. Therefore, in the next two weeks when we finish the binding procedure, we decided not to waste time and in parallel to start development of the platform.

Organizational issues many more but the main thing now is the construction of “Arena-Omsk” begins. So, the “avant-garde” one step closer to his return home. I have always said and will repeat again: “Avangard” — a symbol of Omsk, he should and will play in his hometown, one of the best hockey arenas in Russia, — said the head.

Due to problems with the arena in Omsk “Avangard” was forced to move to Balashikha. The hawks are based in the suburbs of the season-2018/19.

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