Alexander Pashkov: “Kudashova will be very hard in the role of head coach SKA”


Olympic champion Alexander Pashkov has shared his expectations from the game SKA under the direction of Alexei Kudashov in the new season of the KHL.

— The debut of Alexei Kudashov in the role of head coach SKA turned bad: in four games of the Sochi tournament is typed only two points. Surprised?

Last SKA in Sochi — it’s overkill, but the overall decline of the team doesn’t surprise me. Over the past two summers SKA loses more than it gained — and the team championship of the sample remained not so much. Also, at this stage in the team’s performance could not reflect the change of coach. In my opinion, it turned out to be stressful.

— What are the prospects Kudashov in the role of a club coach?

— Experience of international hockey suggests that in the same command, the transition from assistant coach role in main — the process is extremely difficult and questionable. In psychological terms, this coach, typically, the command is not recognized, there are various internal currents, the results are on the decline. Kudashova will be very hard.

— And the main competitor of SKA — CSKA, where the second coach Igor Nikitin has successfully managed to replace Dmitry Kvartalnov and lead CSKA Moscow to a long-awaited Cup of Gagarin?

In my opinion, this example does not work. First, objectively speaking, last season in terms of personnel CSKA was head and shoulders above all rivals in the League, the main thing was the team to stop. Second, let’s be fair: Cup-2019 CSKA won largely on Luggage Kvartalnov, who formed this team, has laid its Foundation and style.

— Whether there is any belittling of the merits of Nikitin?

Yes, Nikitin is also a contribution should not be underestimated, he managed to regroup, to step in personally to the top. However, as the great coach he is, as I see it, has not yet taken place. He has to prove and prove.

To help you Kudashova that at the same time he is the head coach of the national team?

— Yes, that’s a plus, especially in terms of confidence in their decisions. But, on the other hand, and additional weight. Still, the appointment Kudashov at once on two such important post hardly went smoothly. Perhaps someone took his nomination with skepticism that will coach the way. As, incidentally, in the case of the same appointment of his predecessor, Ilya Vorobyov.

— When you’re ready to make the first conclusions about the quality of the start Kudashov in SKA?

— I think the first ten games will be revealing. A year ago in the case of CSKA, the team started a bit hard, but the coaches managed to take her by the bridle, straightening. Maybe it’s we will see in SKA, although the composition of CSKA Moscow will certainly look the stronger team from the Neva.

Note that in the four games of preseason Hockey tournament Sochi Open SKA won only one victory.

Recall, the new KHL season starts September 1st. In the first match SKA St. Petersburg will play with Magnitogorsk “Metallurgist”. The meeting will take place on 2 September.

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