Alexander Romanov: “Training in “Montreal” to me is more important than any match for another club”


The new “Montreal” Alexander Romanov told about the plans to break into the first team through the farm teams, not a game to rent in Europe.

On Monday, the 20-year-old former defender of CSKA has signed with the club NHL rookie contract, the agreement is for the next three seasons.

— It may happen that in the first week of August, Montreal will finish the season, and the next will start only in December. There is no suggestion in these months to play in Europe? I know that this option was considered by other Russians from the NHL.

— I this option is not considered. I have more important faster to go through the adaptation in the “Montreal”. I’d rather have one with a fitness coach, which I will give from the club than to go to Europe, not knowing where to play there and then come to Canada by the beginning of the season. Training in “Montreal” to me is more important than any match for another club.

The next NHL season can be extremely busy, five matches a week. Need to catch up. Are you ready for such a load?

— Yes, it will not be easy. But I’m preparing. I will try to bear this burden. Think I can do it.

— If in September will start the season in the American hockey League?

— So I’ll play in the AHL. Other thoughts may not be. You need to break into the first team, play-off round this place. If you have to start with the AHL, it will begin there, to win the right to play in the NHL.

Under the terms of the contract, the Novels will not be able to play the games of the Stanley Cup-2019/20, which will start in August in Toronto and Edmonton.

We will remind, “Montreal” was in the playoffs for the 12th seed in the Eastern conference. The team will start playing in the Stanley Cup series with three victories against the Pittsburgh penguins.

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