Alexander Volkov: I would like to win a UFC fight in Moscow bright, it will be better


© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich / go to photostockAleksandr Volkov (right) and Greg hardyАлександр Волков: хотел выиграть бой UFC в Москве ярко, дальше будет лучше

Sergey Astakhov. The Russian fighter of the mixed single combats (MMA) Alexander Volkov said that he wanted to fight Absolute fighting championship (UFC) against American Greg hardy more clearly.

The third UFC tournament in Russia was held on November 9 in Moscow on ice arena “Park of Legends”. The fight between Volkov and hardy ended with the victory of the Russian a unanimous decision after three rounds.

“A little emotionally burned out, because they did not fight. All nerves were up to the fight. That won, good for me, because I missed a whole year. I would like to win more clearly, to carry out active actions, I’m not even tired, but during the fight realized that I need to be careful, not to risk it. I assure you, will be much better. Now I have no health problems,” said the wolves to the journalists.

“I do not care who continue to fight. Junior DOS Santos is interesting. Any opponent who is higher in ranking, it fits. I’m ready to go. Let’s see how many will give the doctors the removal, I hurt my foot a bit. I think the end of February, I will have to spend three months of the camp,” he added.

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