Alisa Znarok — on a first date with Panarin: “I was Walking and thinking: “What the hell is going on?”


Alisa Znarok, the daughter of the head coach “Spartaka” Oleg Znarka and bride Russian forward Artemy Panarin, recalled a first date with a hockey player.

— He was in a red suit the national team of Russia on the head — cap. It looked like all hockey players during the world Cup (the pair first met at the world championship 2015 in the Czech Republic — approx. ed.), he will not stand out. And I’m not really prepared — Yes, Mike jeans. We had a walk around the area near the hotel. The conversation ensued as easy: the Topic seemed open, very spiritual and insanely funny. It was a lot of sarcastic jokes. I went and thought: “What the hell is going on?” Now I understand: he’s very gently teasing, tougher now. Nevertheless, the first impression was very good. I am so happy I went back.

— Why you didn’t advertise their relationship?

— The whole hockey world knew we did not hide. But public statements — “Guys, look, we’re together. What do you think?” — it was not.

— What was your first reaction Oleg V.?

— Dad has not caught up and it was very funny: everyone knew except him. About us wrote, but he was not sitting, the news reads. After the world Cup returned to Riga in two weeks called Artemy: “let’s Go somewhere together”. The day before departure when I was already Packed and processed documents, gaining dad.

— Alice, what are you doing tomorrow?

We’re leaving.


— In Italy.

— And with whom?

— By Artemy.

— …I will call you back and hung up.

— The Pope was not two hours. Don’t know what he was doing, no one was home. Then he called again and as if nothing had happened (apparently, his mother calmed, or something else), talking about abstract topics. No word about the Subject.

— The next tournament of the teams they talked like men. Subject said that he takes responsibility for me, wants me to move in with him in Chicago. And the Pope gave his blessing: “Well, go, I trust you,” said Znarok in an interview with the source.

We will remind, on may 8, 2019 Artemiy did Alice offer.

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