“Andrei fought the whole fight, but Lima was lucky.” How Koreshkov lost the Bellator title


“Andrei fought the whole fight, but Lima was lucky.” How Koreshkov lost the Bellator title

On the night of August 13-14, the Bellator 264 tournament will be held in the American city of Uncasville . The main event will be the title fight between the legendary Geghard Musasi and John Salter . Besides them, the main card will be played by Russian fighters Magomed Magomedov and Andrey Koreshkov . Magomedov will be opposed by Raufeon Stots, and Koreshkov will be the tenth number in the welterweight ranking of Sabah Homasi.

Despite the fact that Koreshkov is 30 years old, he can be considered a Bellator veteran and one of the pioneers in this organization. His debut took place already in 2012, and during his stay in it, he managed to win the welterweight title in a fight with Brazilian Douglas Lima. But it was to him that Koreshkov lost in revenge a year later, and it was very insulting. We remind you how it was.

The first fight in 2015 ended with the victory of the Russian by unanimous decision. Then the Spartan defeated Benson Henderson in the same way in the next fight. Then the long-awaited revenge with Lima happened. The second five-round duel began with a careful scouting with single strikes. No one had a clear advantage, although Douglas was a little more focused and focused than the champion.

But the Brazilian known for his crushing low-kicks for some reason did not use them to the fullest. This made him look a little detached and reserved. Therefore, even when the challenger pressed the Spartan to the net, he did not throw out a series, but single strikes from a long distance, from which Koreshkov easily dodged.

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In such a leisurely rhythm, the first round passed, which turned out to be meager in events. Still, the Russian won it thanks to a successful takedown in the middle of the five-minute period. Andrei threw a two into the air, then Lima responded with the same combination, but instead of jumping back, Koreshkov made a pass to his legs.

The second round began with active action by Lima. Finally, he used his legendary low-kicks, which almost gave Koreshkov his legs. But Andrey turned out to be not a timid tenth and was able to turn the tide of the round thanks to competent work at a long distance. Plus, Douglas was obviously afraid of his opponent’s left hook, which Andrei often threw in response to Lima’s approaches. So the Spartan controlled the Brazilian and eventually pushed him to the net, from which the Russian threw out a distracting jab. Immediately after that, he made a passage to his feet and knocked Lima onto the canvas.

The remaining three minutes of the second round were held in the stalls, where the Russian reigned supreme. But this control was indirect, because Lima managed to fight back, lying in the guard. The only thing that remained for Andrey in this position was to keep the leading position, which is why he did not try to finish. And only at the very end of the five-minute Spartan attacked Lima with blows, but it was already too late. In any case, the second round also remained with the champion.

The third five-minute period began with a leisurely exchange of punches in a standing position, although Lima had to turn the tide of the fight. Therefore, the Brazilian tried to take the center of the octagon, but Koreshkov snapped back with powerful blows. As a result, the Spartan pressed the Brazilian to the net with several sweeping punches. Lima closed, and Koreshkov began to shower his opponent with a barrage of punches, but Lima fought back even in a half-closed position. And with one of such blows (left hook) he put our champion on the canvas, that he did not have time to come to his senses, as he was immediately finished off. Therefore, referee Dan Miragliotta immediately stopped the fight.

Andrey Koreshkov was leading according to the referee’s cards and was even able to seize the initiative in the third round, but lost everything due to a stray side kick. The bitterness of defeat was shared by his fans in social networks.

“I started actively. Get well soon, Andrey. Thank you for your work! ”
– posted by one of the users on YouTube.

“Andrey hurried a little at one point and missed the crazy splash. So the fight went in Andrey’s favor, Lima only defended himself all the time. If revenge – Andrey will take it! ” – one more comment under the video. But, unfortunately, in the third fight, Lima again defeated the Russian.

“Andrei led the whole fight, but Lima was lucky,” is the most capacious and appropriate review of this fight.

“It’s a pity, Andrei started well in the second round and could finish off Lima on the ground, but the gong ruined everything. It looks like he accidentally missed it in 3rd, but in general he keeps his chin high. There was a feeling that he did not have a plan for the battle. In general, the Shlemenko school lacks a lot of struggle. Andrey will still receive a belt, a strong drummer “,– this is what one of the prophecies looked like in the commentary under the video of the battle, which, unfortunately, has not yet come true.

Koreshkov played his last fight in October 2019, losing to Lorenz Larkin by split decision. Last year, he did not fight a single fight, and at the beginning of this year defeated Brazilian Adriano Rodriguez de Oliveira by submission at the end of the first round, but not in Bellator, but in the domestic promotion Fight Nights.

Let’s hope that Andrey will take into account the mistakes of the past and will not repeat them against Homasi. Moreover, the future opponent of the Russian has 67% of victories won by knockout. Therefore, the opponent should not be underestimated, as a victory over him will return the Spartan to the race for the champion title.

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