Andrei Kirilenko: “I don’t think the new season will be all to tear”


The head of the Russian basketball Federation (RBF), Andrei Kirilenko has shared his thoughts on how CSKA will play in the new season of VTB United League.

— CSKA signed two stars of European basketball: Tornike Shengelia and Nicola Milutinov. Now the army will walk on the roller all in the VTB United League?

— I don’t think they will all tear. CSKA has remained at about the same level as last season. Their task is to beat all and Sundry in all competitions. And if they had not signed Shengelia and milotinova, and, for example, Tomic and Wilbekin, then nothing would have changed.

Also do not forget that acquiring milotinova, the army has lost Hines, who was a very important player. It gave enormous confidence to the team. Vorontsevich has for many years represented CSKA and, of course, from this point of view it is a loss. Gone are the Porto Koufo, Misha Kulagin, St-ROS, Baker… That’s not were the defining players, but the roster then decreased. And CSKA has a very tight schedule and the coach will be harder to distribute the load.

— Maybe young guys — Andrey Lopatin and Alexander Khomenko — will get playing time?

I wouldn’t count on it. As practice shows, our top clubs don’t rely on young players. With very few exceptions.

— What do you think about the main competitors of CSKA in VTB United League — “Khimki” and “Zenith”?

— “Khimki” dot amplified and doing it very competently. With the arrival of Miki, Monroe and Voronov Moscow club will be even stronger, will once again be able to compete with CSKA Moscow in the domestic League and fight for a spot in the playoffs of the Euroleague. At “Zenith” it is hard for me to say something specific. Again the team has changed dramatically, and it may take some time finding his game. Let’s see how long this process, — said Kirilenko.

We will remind, in the summer of the team, Dimitris Itoudis joined the Georgian forward Tornike Shengelia and Serbian center Nikola of Milutinov.

Left the club captain Kyle Hines, Vice-captain Andrey Vorontsevich, defender Mikhail Kulagin, Greek center Kosta Koufo, the American guard Ron Baker and forward Cuban Howard Sant-ROS.

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