Andrei Nikolishin: for the Sake of the Olympics, Ovechkin maybe a year back


Recently, guest editors of “Soviet sport” was a famous former hockey player Andrei Nikolishin. He shares his opinion on many important issues.

Ten years ago in edition “the Soviet sports” Alexander Ovechkin has admitted that in Russia it was harder to score than the ocean…
– There he is 15 years of playing, and here he spent three years. We also have to understand who you play and how hockey is played.

– It is unlikely he would’ve scored from Bilyaletdinov…
– Yes, it is none of our coaches would score. Not even close I would have scored. Because the principles of the game are built on each other.

– Andrew, recently you have coached, what do you do now?
– I’m a scout for the “Chicago Blackhawks”. This is the main kind of activity.

– No regrets about the exchange Panarin?
– Can only answer for myself. I regret. It was all about the salary cap.

– Artemiy Panarin, going before the playoffs 2012 in “AK bars”, got in stock…
Vladimir Krikunova V. other evaluation criteria players. It is not for Diagnosis, but in our system of selection of players. Trainers of the old school relied on the texture and already prepared, held players. 95 percent of coaches worked with young people. Because they are not so bad, just wanted them to do in the here and now. In this situation, the hostages all coaches, players, clubs. Panarin is back in “the knight” opened.

We have the youth reveals in teams that are not fighting for the result. The same Gusev, Evgeny dadonov, Panarin, masakin. There they were given playing time, and they became great masters.

– What is the phenomenon of youth link SKA?
– You’re talking about! They scored a few goals, and you’re talking about the phenomenon. A few years ago was talking about the link from Yaroslavl Polunin – kraskivs’ke – Korskov. They lit up all teams. Tell me, where are these guys?

– Korskov recently debuted in the NHL, Polunin and Kraskovsky – still in the “Locomotive”, but the second and third roles.
– Here! These guys are in St. Petersburg now playing not because they megatalented, but because “limitchik”. Will be two years, then we’ll see where they are. It is impossible to overestimate the youth. They are great, played well. In the youth championship hands they untied his hands, they began to play the pass instead of just throwing the puck in and go for it. Kovalev, Kasparaitis, Khabibulin at their age were Olympic Champions…

– And you scored a Golden goal in the world Cup – not the youth, adult…
– Once again, these guys are not good, namely the good. I think they want to leave.

– Really? Have Podkolzina agreement ends in 2021. Marchenko has signed a contract until 2022.
– My opinion is a mistake.

Андрей Николишин: Ради Олимпиады Овечкин может на год вернуться

– And the decision to extend Kaprizova in 2017 a contract with CSKA until 2020?
– No, not a mistake. If Whims are not moved from the “Smithy” at Ufa, we are likely about it now would know. Zakharkin believe in him, put Umarco and Hartikainen. Igor gave him the opportunity to play at a high level. Whims have signed the contract knowing that he was going to the Olympics and will fight for the Gagarin Cup. Arriving at CSKA became the leader. Although he was the youngest in the team. I think that no Podkolzina, neither Morozov nor Marchenko such in the near future does not Shine. To play the role of Kaprizova it will be very difficult. They are up to this level does not hold.

– The vagaries ripe for the NHL?
– For a long time.

– And the goalkeeper Sorokin?
– Completely. He’s won everything. He won the Gagarin Cup, the best in the playoffs. But coming to the world Cup, and he there had a beard. Sorokin spurs example Shesterkin, who was not allowed to play SKA. He made it to the part of the Rangers through the lower leagues, replaced Lundqvist, by a sports principle. It is a pity that in an accident, the rib is broken. And Ilya is an ambitious guy walking up to your goal. Open secret: we are preparing the exchange of the islanders in Chicago, but in the deadline it did not take place. What’s next – don’t know. Do you know that CSKA have offered him a new contract, good money. The club, wanting to leave a strong goalkeeper, a right. Here the choice for the player. If Sorokin leaves, it will benefit him and the club. If dream hacked, the guy will curse the club for life. But if he will leave, he will return to CSKA.

Than the Russian market is interesting in the NHL? The fact that you can get a good player for the minimum money. In Russia, hockey player as a person almost does not spin. And if you do that posthumously. As with Kharlamov. In the NHL everyone is doing live. This is the question, where Ovechkin easier to score. There he is a star, on the other hand magnify. It’s a business.

– Why McDavid is now called the best player in the world, although he never played in the playoffs in the NHL?
– At first, Crosby did not win anything, but it is also called the heir to Gretzky. It is then he has won Stanley Cups, and scored the Golden goal in Vancouver in 2010. The McDavid began to spin 12 years, he was playing in parallel with my son Ivan. This year Edmonton gets into the playoffs and will soon win the Stanley Cup.

Novels gathered in Montreal. Not before?
– If he quit now in the NHL, it will be difficult. You have to pass through the millstones of the lower leagues. But if he leaves in the summer, then Montreal will use it, drag by the ears, the chance definitely give. Sasha has positive and negative qualities, I would not want to dwell on them. Romanov got a place in CSKA, because first and foremost he is a limit player, although many in this command “ate”. Sasha could go in the first or second pair, in the majority, however, because of the conservatism of coach this is not happening.

– The NHL will participate in the Olympic games?
We all want that. The tendency to take. It’s a financial issue. The conflict between the Olympic Committee and the club owners. They don’t want to lose money, the Olympic Committee does not want to give certain preferences in the coverage of the tournament. I am an optimist – I think I agree.

– It’s easier for Russia to win the Olympics with NHL players or without them?
– Of course, without the NHL.

Who would win if the Whims and Sorokin leave? And not only they…
– We will find a financial resource to bring our boys from the NHL.

– Who? Kovalchuk?
– No, Ilya’s not going. He Olympics have already won. He had a dream and desire to win the Stanley Cup. But Ovechkin. He has a contract in 2021 ends. Maybe for the Olympics one year to go back. I would not want to go to extremes. Anguelova needs to go. The only coronavirus can prevent.

For two years everything will calm down.
– Yes, God knows. It’s China. Coronavirus will calm down, and from the mountains after something else.

– Our youth team at the world championship in Bratislava played from a position of strength. Really for the first time?
– Previously, the specifics of our coaches was that they didn’t look at rivals, they are not studied. Looking on my game. So strong was the spirit and skills. Before wasn’t afraid of anything. Was openly and won. Because the potential was huge. Now teams have leveled off. Have to adapt to opponents, to get the nuances. Illustrative example of the Finns at the last world Cup. No NHL players have the right system and plays everyone.

Андрей Николишин: Ради Олимпиады Овечкин может на год вернуться

– How about the appointment Kudashov head coach?
It’s no good. I’m not against Lyosha. Warps the principle of the appointment of coaches. It is fundamentally wrong. The coach must work for four years is an Olympic cycle, and not the season. As far as I know, now the players chooses not the coach and General Manager. But there is between them an understanding, who and what position to take? Now the team is closed. I as an expert do not understand why the invited one candidate or another, no one explains. As the concept of the game. The coach does not say. The invitation is messy. Kudashova very difficult to work psychologically. He has no understanding of who he is in the team, which hockey to play.

– You played with Kudashov at the Olympics in 1994 in Lillehammer. What kind of man is he?
– In the team he was invited from farm-club “Toronto”. We’re about 20 years old with a “penny”. He was always very considered, measured, structured. Was not emotional. This contributes to coaching. Not in the club SKA and our team. It is difficult to be structured.

– Kudasov has become easier with the advent of the SKA Bragina?
– With the advent of Bragin went three Morozov, began to play constantly. But this is not a solution Kudashov, is a top-down decision. While the team is winning, playing well. Let’s see what will happen next. The playoffs will reveal the card.

– Kudashov said that in Lillehammer heard about a lot from Tikhonov.
– If you remember, we had two national teams and national Olympic. One was headed by Mikhailov and the other girl. And the transfer of players from one to the other painfully perceived by the coaches. And about Viktor can say, in Lillehammer, he felt bad in physiological terms. He is many things forgotten. The meeting went on for 40-50 minutes. At the end of setup for the match against the Germans, he suddenly said, “Guys, let’s beat the French.” Many of the functions assumed by Dmitriev and Vladimir yurzinov. They led the team, Tikhonov also performed the functions of a head coach in name only. Played well, but got the worst of the Finns – 0:4 and 0:5. Used all three goalkeepers – Abramov, Ivannikova and Zueva.

Андрей Николишин: Ради Олимпиады Овечкин может на год вернуться

– By the way, one of the Russian goalies do you think are the strongest in the NHL?
– If you take the long-term, then definitely Vasilevsky. Bobrovsky after signing a large contract with “Florida” sank, sank greatly. The sports component fell slightly. However, it is not the first nor the last who faces a similar situation. I think Serge could handle it. There are young Samsonov, Shesterkin. To goalkeepers to evaluate, they need to play matches at 55-60. And to hold at a good level 5, 10, 15, 20 games a can.

– Before the new President of the KHL Morozov tasked to reduce the outflow of players in the NHL…
– Why? Yes, it is the decree of the President of Russia, which in an emergency order trying to implement. But if we don’t give young players develop in the CHL, then what is the point of them here to hold. In terms of patriotism? The coaches of the KHL clubs are tournament challenges that young is very difficult. When and where to play the youth? If the player give for 8 minutes, he in a few months “die” and never get to the highest level.

– What is the state in Russia children’s hockey?
– In a lamentable. Built a lot of rollers, improved the infrastructure conditions. But no coaching staff. Children in the bulk of the coach failed the players, which is a little more than 20 years. I call them resentful. Institute they graduated from, often for money. What pedagogy to expect from them? Explain to the child they can’t go levies from parents. What do you get out of it – a bad boy riding a stick owns, too bad, no game thinking. All this is projected at the international level.

– In the Champions League for Russian clubs should I participate?
– I would play. But it is difficult to do. It would be better if the KHL has covered the European market.

– In 62 matches in the regular season – not too much?
– No. I think even a little. Most importantly, all the clubs played and existed by the same rules. That there is no loophole to circumvent the salary cap.

– How would look in the NHL, the current holder of the Gagarin Cup?
– CSKA? I think lost would. Fought for an eight, that is the playoffs. Only CSKA result bring four players. Although the team four solid link. And score a few. That’s the problem.

– Yashkin will remain in the KHL?
– No. I am sure he will be back in the NHL. He played there quite well, just got in under the salary cap in “Washington”. He is physically powerful, ambitious, not in the least slowed down. Screamers uses it correctly. On a walk fans. A nice bonus for the KHL.

Soccer love?
– When I was 14 years old came to the Dynamo boarding school, was sick in football for Spartak. I liked matching the style. I grew up in the Gavrilov, Cherenkov, Saulo… Among the players, I have a lot of friends. And in hockey was rooting for CSKA. For Moscow “Dynamo” did not worried even when there was Gazzayev. Led players statistics, tables. In Vorkuta delivered the weekly “Football – Hockey”, I find it so hard bought, read from cover to cover.

– Why Russian players are not in demand in Europe?
– Level up! Our young people think that they should all pay a lot of money. Immediately! Why would any young player to tear your ass in the conditional “Leipzig”, if there receive many times more? Why soared Panarin? Because he has dominated the sports component. Why sank Bobrovsky – because of the contract. Zhenya Kuznetsov sprinkled here money, and he lost the season. But including the brain, left and went to work for the sport.

Copper pipes for youth is money, many of them burned.

source: “Soviet sport”

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