Andrei Rublev: “Felt that can win Medvedev. But always that stupid error, what a stupid game”


Russian tennis player Andrei Rublev after the defeat compatriot Daniil Medvedev in the quarterfinals of the tournament in St. Petersburg said that made a lot of mistakes in this match.

— I think, needless to say, lucky or unlucky, if you’re stronger, you will always find a way to win. Relying on luck is a bit wrong. The fifth game was important and maybe if it happened to take it, would have been a little different game. In any case, I think the match was good. I can only congratulate Daniel.

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After the game Medvedev said that the reason for the victory — his confidence after America, and you just do not have enough. Agree?

— The reason for my defeat in this match is not in doubt. I felt that I could beat him. Because of this, I’m a little mad at myself. If in Cincinnati, for example, I realized that I can’t win the match, but this time really felt that I could, but always some stupid mistake, stupid game. When I was able to operate in a focused, and to win was more. It was more of my failures, it wasn’t even game as in other games. The same I asked Federer the same level and also played the entire match. Here I had the failures, apparently, Yes, because of the confidence he played better and was able to turn the tide of the match.

Rublev lost to Medvedev in two batches. In the semi-finals of the tournament fourth racket of the world will play with the Belarusian Egor Gerasimov.

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