Andrey Karyaka: Titova in CDKA I called


The former midfielder of the national team of Russia has told about how the character of “Spartacus” Yegor Titov became his teammate in the team Amateur League called… CDKA.



Congratulations to your team with megatransfers!
– What team?

– Talking about CDKA and news that you joined Yegor Titov. The Internet bubbled.
– It is clear. Well, thank you.

– Funny only, that we called Titov most, then another one to your mate CDKA Eugene Aldonina, but both refused to discuss the topic. Does the arrival of the living legend of “Spartacus” in the command with the name of four letters with the first “C” and “KA” at the end so all alerted? I’m afraid the jokes going?
– About possible joke I just now heard from you. And about Titov and CDKA… No need to look any sedition. It’s Amateur football. And the name of the owner of the team. I don’t know why happened that way. Too long history. The only thing that connects our CDKA and CSKA – the presence in the composition of Aldonin.

Андрей Каряка: Титова в ЦДКА позвал я

– Amateur football – Amateur, but it is not for us to tell you how desperately fans react to such things. Especially the fans of “Spartak” and CSKA.
– Well, now you wave up, and all transfers we will break.

Ha ha.
– Dig too deep. Guys, it’s just Amateur football!

In CDKA have Karyaka, Aldonin, Titov – enough to be a favorite in the LFL?
– View the table if you’re interested. As everywhere, play football not names, and people.

We, incidentally, looked. Two wins and one draw with inter you this fall.
– Inter was a match for the super Cup. Won, by the way, they have a penalty. This team Alexander Filimonov in goal – the main favorite of the season. In that year, of the 30 matches, inter have won 29.

– The people are going to look at idols of the recent past?
– Let’s play, in fact, at school stadiums, so special conditions for fans no, but people go. When I played in the Champions League final local flood, only the tribune and the space around the field was completely filled.

– Titov’t you, by chance, was called into the team?
– I (laugh). With Eugene Alumninum invited to play on the weekends, spend time with friends and to enjoy football. We’re a lot of play in everyday life, or, say, in League of legends.

– Still can’t believe that Titov did not bother the team name when you he announced the proposal.
– The one who raised this topic – Andrei Tikhonov. We actually were in Saransk, and now he was hooked. I myself, as said, no value at all did not pay. And Andrew said, “Yes, come on, it’s Amateur football.” He LFL once played for inter. What now? The main thing is to play together. Apart from Aldonin and me for us, say, by Denis Kolodin in his time. Diniyar Bilyaletdinov also plays in the Amateurs. With these guys, and Egor, I think, will not get lost (laughs).

Андрей Каряка: Титова в ЦДКА позвал я

And Tikhonov playing in the LFL?
– Yes, for “Hephaestus”.

But you professional football is still not stopped to watch, right? How do you team?
Who said anything about the luck factor in recent victories – is deeply mistaken. Our guys considerably added in skill. Look at Alexander Golovin. Georgy Jikia – well done. Don’t understand the criticism in the press against of the Novel Zobnina.

– Overdoing it?
– Of course. In some games he may be wrong, but as a whole, its level holds. He missed six months, it just seems that back so easily. And Zobnin managed and looks very well.

– By the way, many say that this generation is not the most talented in Russian history. Due to what the team of Stanislav Cherchesov keeps such a high bar? A series of five wins – an extraordinary event for the Russian team.
– And who in our team isn’t talented?

– But agree, stars of the same caliber Titov and Andrei Arshavin in a Cherchesov did not.
I do not know. For me Mario Fernandes – just a space. Maybe who play abroad, resonance would be greater. But while we in Europe Golovin Yes Denis Cheryshev, who it was brought up… However, this too is a global topic. Sure, the same Miranchuk may become stars in the top leagues. Meantime, see that the pupils prefer to stay.

And we have a strong team. Almost in the semi-finals of the world Cup came out with no luck in the penalty shoot-out. Or take the last match with Kazakhstan: it is wrong to talk about luck. Yes, scored at the end but dominated the had scored earlier. Despite the fact that the opponent defended a large number.

– This labour victory really help the players?
– No doubt. When you pull out these matches, it’s encouraging.

– Cherchesov practically shuffles composition. This adds confidence to the players?
– I think 99 percent our coach the squad for the Euro is already defined. Only in the case of injuries can be some noticeable changes. Sergei Ignashevich then you have to call. Or Igor Akinfeev. Although it is unlikely. In the goalkeeper’s line we have from whom to choose.

Fact is, Fedor Chalova and will vainly across the country to Woo the youth in the first team?
– Fedya good period of his career, but we play with only one forward. Fedor Smolov and he sits on the bench. In this tactic on game Chalov didn’t fit. Here and decided not to pull. But in the future it will certainly be a chance in the team. Cherchesov has won – any questions?

source: “Soviet sport”

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