Andrey Nikolaev: Arman a lot lately contradictions


Former striker of “Zenit” shared his opinion about the preparation of the St. Petersburg club for the resumption of the season.


The result in a friendly match at the Spanish training camp did Artem Dzyuba and Azmoun. For the first time after a long break, appeared on the field Malcolm. How to evaluate the state of the Russian Champions?
– The performance of the headlights and Asana not surprising. They have played a bunch. And you can be happy that the level of skill of these forwards allowed the team to get out of the difficult situation in a meeting with CSKA when they managed to win 3:2, yielding 0:2. It would be strange if they did not succeed, and they continued to put…

But Malcolm was not impressed. But I’m not waiting for his extravaganza. The Brazilian is half a year not played, only a few weeks training with no restrictions in the group. His task is not to do the entire game in front, and gradually adapt to stress, to a team rhythm.

– To the first spring tour of RPL Malcolm manage to win a place in the starting lineup?
– Hardly. Most likely, for the official matches, it too will fail gradually through the outputs on the replacement. Release Malcolm in a funny way only because of him last summer, paid 40 million euros, Sergei Semak will not. This is my opinion.

– “Zenit” was released in winter by Robert Mak, but returned from lease emiliano Rigoni. Justified?
– The equivalent of castling. In “Konyaspor” Mac will play more often than in the “Zenith”. And Rigoni are capable of the role that was played by the Slovak – get a replacement and nothing to spoil. But his long-term prospects, I do not believe. In fact, “Zenith” did not insist on the return of the Argentinian, it was his initiative. In Serie A, Rigoni themselves did not show. Otherwise, it would be has anyone bought.

– Semak is interested in Oleg Shatova, but the contract with the midfielder not yet renewed. This player really need to “Zenit”?
– Shatov is able to bring many benefits, but it also has a minus – injuries that don’t allow you to play constantly. Such players are called “crystal”. And this, I think, lies the reason of doubt of the club regarding the contract… And healthy Shatov team is definitely necessary. He and the Russian team is able to return, the motivation to play at Euro 2020 could be for Oleg’s powerful incentive in the spring.

– What are the chances to stay in the main cage at the youth defender Daniel Prochina, Midfielders Leon Musaev and Cyril Kaplenko, forwards Ilya Vorobiev and Daniel Shamkina?
– The chances are still zero.

– Categorical.
– In “Zenith” from year to year, with any coach, repeated the same – young take fees, put up in friendlies, but in the official games they can get in and, especially, to enter the field only at successful coincidence of circumstances.

– For example?
– If someone of the leaders even before the resumption of the season will leave “Zenith” or injured. Otherwise, the road is part of young’s closed. In the application the enough collections, and foreigners, who before the sale or the next lease you have to give practice.

– If a youth team shows up the original?
– I do not see where guys are able to do in the first team right now. Although… It’s a double-edged sword. After all, if you don’t give chances, and Express themselves is unrealistic. Substitute appearance in the 90th minute – not in the bill. For a time it is impossible to get used to the intensity of big matches.

– But why “Krasnodar”, CSKA, “Spartak” and “Locomotive” to their pupils the place is? There is also a lot of internationals and foreigners.
– Most likely, the situation in “Zenith” has exacerbated the too frequent change of coaches in recent years. Luciano Spalletti, Andre Villas-Boas, Mircea Lucescu, Roberto Mancini – views of each of these professionals in the preparation of the reserve can vary greatly.

And what is the result?
In the end, in ten years of existence of the Academy of “Zenit” stable system of introduction of youth into the first team and has not developed. And Semak their statements confirms this. To mention the fact that under the new formula limit the lot of most Russian players training with the Foundation and playing for “Zenit-2”, it States: the level of pupils of the club Academy are far from the standards of the first team.

Андрей Николаев: У Семака в последнее время многовато противоречий

– And when the Semak says that the limit prevents fair competition and inflated prices for Russians, it is not disingenuous?
– No. By and large, all right.

– But isn’t it strange to hear complaints about the limit from the coach, who is a candidate for the national team of Russia to buy 50 thousand rubles?
– (Laughs.) Yes, contradictions Sergei Bogdanovich a lot lately. But Semak can understand – he has so many feelings! One story with Alexander Kokorin was worth…

As for the limit and the competition, it is important to mention. In my opinion, even in “Zenith” not all foreigners are far superior to the level of the Russians. In this respect I was immediately reminded of Luis Neto.

– So how long after gross errors “Zenit” missed goals!? No failed, the team lost, but the Portuguese continued to get chances again and again. It lasted for years. Then the question arose: if such is forgiven Legionnaire, why not take a chance and trust in the team to some pupil?

– But nothing changed. Havent played, and the students sat in stock.
– I think such an attitude – a consequence of the almost limitless possibilities of “Zenit” in the transfer market. In contrast to the “Krasnodar”, CSKA and even “Loco” club can spend on newcomers indefinitely. Within the limits of financial fair play, of course. Thus, the need of the pupils disappears.

And put the coach in any frame is not necessary. There is a need in, say, the left back – I went through the whole world, someone brought…However, as we see, a lot of money – not always guarantee right decisions. Recurring Zenit have the desire to get rid of expensive foreigners confirms this.

Андрей Николаев: У Семака в последнее время многовато противоречий

source: “Soviet sport”

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