“Are you talking about my figure again?” The Fat Man Upset of the Year at Bellator. Video


“Are you talking about my figure again?” The Fat Man Upset of the Year at Bellator. Video

In San Jose (California, USA), the first autumn Bellator tournament – Bellator 266 was held. In its main event ex-champion of the organization Phil Davis and former UFC belt contender, Olympic medalist Yoel Romero met. The main card was opened by representatives of the light heavyweight category Christian Edwards and Ben Parrish.

Edwards is still young by the standards of mixed martial arts, especially at light heavyweight. He is 22 years old, but has already received the eighth number in the ranking of the division. His pre-fight record was 5-0, all Bellator wins, not third-rate promotions. In addition, at one time he trained not with anyone, but with the great and terrible John Jones. Before the fight, Christian was sure of himself, even too much.

“I knew from the beginning of my career that I was destined for greatness. It’s just someone else on my way. I have to go to the cage and honestly just beat him up. I will shake his hand and thank him for the fight, but now he is in my way, and I will probably have to beat him.

After this fight I will have a record of 6-0. The guys I’ve fought don’t look like dummies, but they don’t look like the top 10 either. I am an elite fighter, so I want to fight the same. I’ll just wait until the organizers give me someone from the top 10. ”

But 28-year-old Parrish, nicknamed Big Tuna (not to be confused with Jim from the legendary TV series “The Office”) had his debut fight in the promotion, to which he approached with a record of 4-1. The only defeat he suffered in his last fight was when he broke his leg and was eliminated for a long time. In four fights, he took the upper hand with submissions, so one could expect a tough fight from the first seconds. But it was not there!

From the very first seconds, Parrish wanted to run into his opponent, but Edwards cleverly threw out a front kick. Ben added a low kick, but almost fell victim to the classic two. And then Christian flinched after a combination of two hits – the left overhand sent the promising fighter and his jaw to the floor.

Further, Ben did not miss his own, starting to finish off the opponent. The light went out for him. Jason Herzog immediately stopped the fight, which later expressed dissatisfaction with the knocked out. After a fight, they don’t wave their fists. This is arguably the loudest Bellator upset in 2021. Even the extra weight did not hurt – the hanging belly stood out very much. It took Parrish only 38 seconds. It is noteworthy that before the fight for the victory of Edwards, the odds were given no more than 1.1.

Fans, first of all, paid attention to the physical form of the victorious fighter.

– The peak of the male physique.

– The weirdest looking light heavyweight dude.

– I’ve never seen someone out of shape look so good.

– The guy is complex as my history teacher.

“Are you talking about my figure again? Thank you all for the cash, “Big Tuna tweeted after the fight.

It is likely that after such a fight, Parrish will receive a rating. Edwards, in turn, lost his cherished zero. Perhaps it will be easier for him physically. In many ways, he suffered an accidental defeat, but his career has just begun. So in the future, one cannot exclude his meeting with Vadim Nemkov, the champion of the light heavy weight category.


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