Ari was robbed of 23 million rubles, and this is not the film. Who else suffered from thieves


Forward of “Zenith” and Russian national team Ari was almost 23 million rubles. The player stole a watch exactly the same amount.


However, the police worked perfectly and detained the attacker. But he managed to sell some expensive accessories. I wonder what Ari he got through an open window.

In General, this year was rich on looting. Basically it suffered the players. While the players struggled on the football field, thieves broke into their house and took out fortunes. So first injured Kevin-Prince Boateng. Thieves stole about 300 thousand euros.

While Lyon took Barcelona in the Champions League, and Memphis Depay, Luke Tusar and Pape Diop was trying to score at least one goal against the Spaniards, the attackers ransacked their home. Police did not specify what amount was stolen, but you can imagine how many were kept at home the players-millionaires.

Around the same time in Liverpool thieves enclosed the house Sadie Manet. Watches, jewelry, mobile phones and car keys – all this got to enterprising cyber criminals. Fortunately for Manet, money was not at home.

No luck after Karim Benzema from real Madrid. First, he and his club flew out of the Cup of Italy on “Barcelona” with the account 0:3, and then came home shattered and found that he had been robbed. How much brought from home – is not known.

In June robbed the house of teammate Benzema – Lucas Vazquez. He had to go with his family to the Balearic Islands, like thieves, immediately surrounded his home. By the way, Rob “butter” is already a tradition. Previously been robbed at home of Zinedine Zidane and Alvaro Morata.

In a recent interview and Andrei Arshavin told how he had been robbed in London when he was a player of “Arsenal”. “They took everything that was on the first floor, in the kitchen. A couple of iPhones, a couple of computers. The police arrived. Said, “Well, we look for”. But nothing found,” complained Danny.

And remember, the current hero of “Zenit” and national team of Russia is suspected of stealing the wallet of Vladimir Bystrov? 20 thousand rubles found in hot pursuit in his pocket, Artem. It seems that this time the situation with Ari and Dzyuba and.

By the way, the attackers suffered basketball players. During the third final match of VTB United League between Khimki and CSKA in the locker room of the Moscow club went unknown. He just stole the personal belongings of some of the players and disappeared. However, hit the lens cameras.

source: “Soviet sport”

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