Aristarchus Venes: “I had obscene language when I first saw the KAMAZ-Master base


Russian actor Aristarkh Venes spoke about his impressions of filming in the Master TV series about the KAMAZ-Master team.

– All our impressions began from the moment we arrived in Naberezhnye Chelny and saw this team. There is such a thing as a vertical, when the whole mechanism works for one thing. It is precisely assembled with the KAMAZ-Master team. The scale of the team’s sports base, these hangars in which the cars are located, which leave the impression of some incredible, toy. I had foul language when I saw all this, because it is impossible to voice it otherwise. It boggles your imagination.

I heard about this team before, but was not in the material. I knew that the team always wins, and this is the default. But then I saw with my own eyes how many people are working on it.

Nikita Pavlenko and I openly asked people if they knew the KAMAZ-Master pilots. They could not name names. I think this is a serious omission at the national level, when the champions are not known. We need to change this, – said Venes on the air of Match TV.

The series “Master” tells the story of a former pilot of the KAMAZ-master racing team, who, after a 12-year break and life failures, wants to return to his native team. 

Watch the series “Master” on Match TV from 10 August.

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