Armen Margaryan: Under Musayev cleared the way, and for Shchetinina wrote the program


Head of the Department of youth scouting Zenit about the reasons for the sale Noboa and Kranewitter, care Chistyakov and return vasyutina and Circular.

On Tuesday Moscow hosted the first national conference on analysis and selection in football. One of the speakers was the head of the Department of youth scouting Zenit Armen Margaryan, with experience football agent, analyst, scout and head of youth selection of “Locomotive”. Here is what he said about the principles of work of the sports Department to strengthen the team.

Buying Shchetinina, was moved from Moscow his entire family

The staff of the sports Department are perceived by many as waiters who bring you food and then the bill, that is mainly involved in the transfers. This is a misconception. The athletic Department is the club has a very significant place and is engaged not only in search of players and the negotiating process, but also including analysis of the interaction with the coaching unit and analytical divisions, as well as the prospects of the players.

There are two basic principle of getting a player for the first team is to buy or prepare. Someone will say that “Zenit” mainly buys players because the can afford it, but if you dig deeper, it becomes obvious that acquisitions ready masters is not limited.

For example, in the current winter transfer window, we acquired a young Russian footballer Kirill Shchetinina (the “Lokomotiv-2” – approx. ed.). By the standards of youth football 17-year-old boy has cost us a hefty sum of 17 million roubles. On the other hand, it is possible to remember, how CSKA in 2018 sold Alexander Golovin for 30 million euros. If “Zenith” has bought Golovin at the age of 17 over the same 20 million rubles, and then sold in Monaco, who said that the club overpaid for him?

The figure of 20 million rubles relative. All depends on the quality of the player. When we bought Shchetinina, we have thoroughly studied its history. He’s not just moved to us. We have created a program fine-tuning to the first team. With him, the whole family moved, with the exception of the middle brother, who plays in the Academy “Locomotive”. Little brother plays in the branch of the Academy of “Zenit” dad works in the structure of the club. Thus, the child lives in the orphanage and in a family.

That is, our task was not just to buy the player and integrate it into the system of the club, and to help you become a player in the first team “Zenit” because he felt that he has all the necessary qualities. From our point of view, in his age in his position he was the strongest in Russia.

Not all think about it, but we took into account the fact that the national team of Russia born in 1996, who won many tournaments (including the Junior championship of Europe in 2013 – approx. ed.), many players made their way to a high level (Anton Italy, Golovin, Dmitry Barinov, Rifat Zhemaletdinov, Alexander Zuyev, Ramil Sheydaev – approx. ed.) and in this great merit of the coaching staff Dmitry Homuha. And now he heads the team born in 2002, in which includes Shchetinin. So, it will get extra load, it can be light, and his career may be much better.

Care Circular, Poyarkova and Vedernikov is a strategic mistake

Another example of the work of the sports Department. Here we have three players: Danil Circular (1998), Nikolay Poyarkov (born in 1999), and Daniel Vedernikov (born 2001). All three lefties and left profile defenders, some of the strongest in their age groups. Also they share the fact that all three have for various reasons left the clubs that had been released. Circular in 2018 moved from the “Zenith” in “Ufa”, Poyarkov transfer window has left in “Rostov” and was immediately leased to Rubin, and Vedernikov moved from Krasnodar to Rostov.

It is important to note that two of the most scarce position in the Russian football – a left back and Central striker. This means that all breeding departments are looking about the same players – the students are physically strong and fast left-handers that can do the crosses with a normal game thinking and other important parameters. Unfortunately, very few of them, and they are defined money.

And then the question arises: how is it that these three players have left their clubs serious enough? From the Academy of “Zenit” in 10 years, generally was released only one quality left-back of Premier League level– just Circular. The “Locomotive” in the main team this position plays age Rybus, and underneath Mikhail Lysov, and “Krasnodar” plus or minus the same picture. It turns out that the main assets of these clubs for various reasons lost. This is a strategic mistake of the sports Department.

“Zenit” was corrected, and a year later bought a Pie at the “Ufa”, spending significantly more money, but returning player who has potential to become the main left back first team in the future. And “Rostov” should be commended. They are very well invested in Poyarkova (already played 6 matches in RPL) and Vedernikov, buying two quality left-backs at a scarce position.

Chose between Baburin and Vasutina and Rudakov

What else is the job of the sports Department? In the summer of 2019, we faced the task to find the third goalkeeper for the first team with the prospect of becoming number one. Introduction important – it needs to be zamorochena player. This is due to the requirement on the application of European competition. We had three candidates – Egor Baburin (26 years), Alexander Ryazantsev (24) and Maxim Rudakov (23).

Vasyutin at that time was in Norway and had a professional contract with the club, “Sarpsborg”. Baburin was in rent in “Ruby” and Rudakov – in Finnish Hike. Without going into details, I will say that we chose vasyutina – in addition to sporty characteristics were taken into account age, salary and other parameters. It is also our job communicating with coaches and agents, to identify not only the sporting characteristics of the players, but also financial and other conditions. Vasyutina leaving, Baburin and Rudakov sold in “Rostov”.

Odoevskiy can rise to the highest level

We also need to think about how best to develop those who already plays in the structure of “Zenit”. Here we have three commands (“Zenit-2, Zenit U19 and Zenit-U17”) and six young goalkeepers: Nikita Golo (1998), Nicholas Rybikov (2000), Nodari Kalichava (2000), Maxim Timofeev (2002), Ivan Kukushkin (2002) and Daniel odoevskiy (2003). How to make all six talented players received a sufficient amount of time?

We solved this problem by giving Kalikavu rent in St. Petersburg “the Star”. This is one of the outsiders in the MNP zone “West”. We reasoned that there is a goalkeeper receives the required load and will return with new experience and new characteristics that will allow him to compete for a spot in the start “Zenith-2”.

And the remaining five goalkeepers were as follows. Two goalkeepers born in 2002, closed the position in “Zenith-U17”. And Timofeev have received playing time at youth level. There for the first part of the season was about 15 games. In the youth team goalkeeper was Rybikov, and the brace remained Golo.

This story was made for Odoevskogo, which, in our opinion, is one of the strongest and most promising goalkeepers and is able to rise to the highest level. We had to make it so that he, being the youngest of this group, immediately received playing time in “Zenith-2 and Zenith-U19”. If this issue was at the mercy of the coaching staff, he would in the first part of the season did not play. It would gradually failed, gave little playing time. But in fact he debuted in three major tournaments by the end of the first round became the main goalkeeper of the youth team.

This is an example of how to give the right impetus in the development of his career. We consider it wrong when a talented football player, not who has reached the first team, only because of age, sitting and waiting for his chance. This is illogical.

In the “Zenith-2” Chistyakov lost in competition

Also the goals of the athletic Department is responsible for monitoring the players in their age categories ranging from 13 years when the boys are enrolled in boarding school. For example, the same Schetinina, we have fought for three years followed the dynamics of its progress, evaluated its data, find out what family he grew up, how he behaved in the orphanage all his individual characteristics. This is already predicted by its prospects.

For our use we classified players based on potential. To speak the same language, came up with a design. It helps us to navigate. When scout says that such and such a player potentially level A, so we need to send another scout to get a second opinion, then you can negotiate.

Армен Маргарян: Под Мусаева расчистили дорогу, а для Щетинина написали программу

For example, we from Kaluga came the boy 2004 year of birth. Andrey Arshavin, who is engaged in this age, said that one touch on receiving the ball saw this top, a diamond that still need to be cut to get the diamond.

Other clubs also monitoring all promising players. At the age of 10-12 years, our main competitor is “Chertanovo” and “Krasnodar”. Recently, one boy from Vsevolozhsk (Leningrad oblast) in his team integrated the “Chertanovo”. Perhaps it could be interesting to us, but a competitor beat us to the punch.

Why let go of the “Zenit” , Dmitry Chistyakov, who was part of “Rostov” broke in the Russian team? Can’t call it our mistake, as sometimes happens. When he was in the “Zenith-2”, lost in competition to Ilya Zuev and Maxim Karpov. So thought the people who interacted with them. All three players were about the same level, included in the youth national teams and was brought to training with the first team, has received his chance. At that stage Chistyakov was undervalued, and over time began to progress and has reached the level of the extended national team of Russia. It’s probably some error, which is possible in the work.

For Musayeva specifically cleared the road

From the point of view of their own pupils in the “Zenith” not as bad as it voiced some. For example, in the first team is midfielder Leon Musaev, who is a steady demand from clubs in the RPL. Young player to go to Zenit, where the highest competition not only for getting into the base but generally in rotation, just harder. If the team is not free jobs, at least one cook, but conditional Musaev will always be weaker conditional of Vilmar Barrios.

Therefore, to ensure that he was in the first team, we cleared the way – gone , Christian Noboa and Matias Kranewitter. It’s part of the sports unit on summarizing Musayev to the first team. Another thing is that he, too, must meet this level, the coach said, “Yes, I will make a bet on it”.

What we encourage young players to choose “Zenit”? Yes, the first team is very difficult to get, but we are taking players at Premier League level. If the player of “Zenith-2” in demand clubs in the RPL, we are ready to give it out. There he will improve and return to the “Zenith” in other status. Such as was the case with Vasutina. The Institute leases allows us to build a bridge between the “Zenit-2” and the first team.

And Matinino for example, we are guaranteed a place in the basis of the youth team, while in the “Locomotive” he probably would be in the rotation. More precisely, we convinced him that his position in the team he will be the strongest and will get a lot of playing time.

The path from defining the problem position to the adaptation of the player

What is the methodology of work of the scouting Department? For the acquisition of the team is influenced by different key factors. If you are in Europe, need four homegrown players. In RPL, you need to keep within the limit. Since the summer he will be altered, and it is also necessary to take into account. But in General, the methodology is universal and applies to all ages.

Step 1. The head coach in cooperation with the sports Director determines the weak positions. This takes into account the term of the contract (if the player goes to the end of the season, now is the time to look for a replacement), skill, medical (level of injury) and psychological indicators.

For example, when in 2018 Mauricio Pereira told the guide, “Krasnodar” that for family reasons he wants to change the League and would not renew the contract, determine the position that needs strengthening.

Step 2. Before looking for a player on the side, one has to wonder whether it is possible to strengthen the position due to internal resources. From the point of view of the image, lead the first team of his pupil always better. In “Krasnodar” was then considered the candidacy of Ilya Zhiguleva, but for some reason decided to take the player on the side.

Step 3. If you decide to purchase the player, begin to gather scouting reports, they follow videos that demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of players. Connected intelligence, which impose on the subjective opinion of experts some objective analytical data.

Step 4. Based on these data, compiled a long list of interested candidates.

Step 5. Then a detailed study of each player: a level of trauma, the experience of playing at the international level, the presence of a demand for it, competing teams, and so on.

Step 6. The final short-list rests on the table to the head coach. It is very important be ranked, to determine which goal is a priority. In this the role of the coach determines he should be interested in the player. At the same time, it is important not to forget about the financial component. The player, who will choose the coach, may be the most expensive, and the management believes that it may not be a priority, because it is two times more than the candidates number two and three.

Step 7. Starts the negotiation process that involves agents, parents, sometimes the player himself. It is important to establish a process so that the football player was bought for the price that you’re willing to pay, and ideally – and even for less money. In this the role of an agent defines. For example, it was important for us that Shchetinin wanted to go to Zenit. For this, we talked to him, his parents, agent, found out how he is interested in moving, and only then entered into negotiations.

Step 8. Adaptation of football. To buy players is only half the story. Need to he quickly began to profit.

Step 9. It is possible to draw conclusions about the player himself realized and the transfer is justified.

The main customer of the players club, not the coach

Do I have to recruit players, starting from the coach? I believe that it can’t form views on the quality of players. The main customer is a football club. The club provides some introductory coach and athletic Director.

Conventionally, the aim is to win a trophy, not to fly or to play attacking football to fans was interesting. Or to make a certain amount of players can be sold at the end of the season for a certain amount of money. The coach, having received these inputs, negotiating with the sports Director about how the construction work, identifies problems, and for these items the search begins.

As for the coach likes a player or not like it. There are requirements of modern football, model characteristics for each role. Based on these model characteristics, we are engaged in the search for the necessary player. We take into account the anthropometry of the players, but, for example, for a player the edge we are more important than its speed. If extreme defender is not running, we do not see prospects. The first team coach a little more freedom, and in the youth and Junior teams, they have little influence on the process.

Армен Маргарян: Под Мусаева расчистили дорогу, а для Щетинина написали программу

source: “Soviet sport”

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