Artem Dzyuba: “the Russian national Anthem for me, the steeper the Champions League anthem”


The main hero of the match of the qualifying tournament Euro 2020 between Russia and Scotland (4:0) was the captain of our team Artem Dzyuba, who scored two goals and made an assist. After the game, the film answered the questions of journalists. Артем Дзюба: "Гимн России для меня круче гимна Лиги чемпионов"

Photo: Vladimir Song/RIA Novosti

How would you rate the match?

Artem Dzyuba: the First half is not very good, but the second was very good. A very important victory for us, as Cyprus won. To my surprise, because I thought they uncheese play. A huge thank you to the fans. Great fun to play at this stadium with so many people, great place – thank you all for this match, which was organized here. During the national anthem today, I realized one thing, that for me the Russian national anthem better than the anthem of the Champions League. Realized it. When the whole stadium is singing, and you sing along with it – it’s an incredible feeling for life. Still the whole team to get to sing (smiles), but it is individually.

In the second half, the Russian added or Scotland hooked?

Artem Dzyuba: what are you people something like that? Russia added. We did so much to win 4:0? Your version, perhaps, that the Scots sat down, crumbled, and then suddenly we. These games just reveals the goal. The Scots came to play defensively and catch us on the break. The first half we really did, because, I think, have not fulfilled a certain installation. Had to play the bottom, we have players, and were using the flanks to open, but instead did the transfer wrong, and not enough movement. Our strength is in our unity, and we had the speed to switch. We do not have those qualities that we someone been opened at the expense of the class. A little talked among themselves during the break, he added. Goal reveals such matches. Feel confident in your abilities, everything started to turn, and in the end 4:0 – very confident.

There is a task to become the best scorer of the qualifying round?

Artem Dzyuba: there is No such problem. There is a task that the national team got to the championship of Europe, because our country is a party. And we want to make at least two games in that tournament to spend at home.

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