Artem Dzyuba: We are not Spain – class Scots will not play


The captain of Russian national team shared his expectations from the match with Scotland.News SMI2

– The team has not played at Luzhniki since the 1/8 final of the world Cup last year. Nice to come back to the arena, where they were defeated by the Spaniards?
– In the Luzhniki stadium is a special stadium. Is the personification of the Russian national team, we can say our house. I would like to see on Thursday filled the stands. And little doubt that it will. The fans are the twelfth player of the Russian team. In “Luzhniki” your feet will carry forward when you are so supportive.

The Scottish people can relate to the game in a slipshod manner, given that they never fight?
– No one should underestimate. Last summer, many said that the Russian team has no chance to survive the group stage at the world Cup and we are almost to the semi-finals came… In fact, Scotland has a very strong team. There are guys from Manchester United, Liverpool. And the fact that we beat them away, does not mean that Russia is a notorious favorite. We are not Spain or Holland. Nobody in the class will not be beat. We have a goal – to get to Euro. There is a plan for a particular match. Will it be carried out accurately.

– You said about the lack of faith in the team before the 2018 world Cup. Now the situation is reversed – the supporters ‘ expectations too high?
– When you believe, it is always best. Even if you expect more than you can. We want to be United with the country. Together to win. And there are no unsolvable issues. If something you really want, then at the maximum dedication we can all achieve. And this devotion, I, as captain, all promise. Indifferent on the field will not. This is the strength of the current team of Russia.

– As the team took a new striker – Alexander Sobolev? Joked about the rumors on his possible invitation to “MU”?
In the Russian national team to join very easy. Our doors are always open. And “MJ” what is the point to discuss now? Not the time for jokes. Popliteus. After all, Sobolev – beginner, do not person to distract from training. That is when fully developed, will start to play, then catch him on “MU”, sweet and kind.

source: “Soviet sport”

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