As “KAMAZ-master” had to be reconstructed after the quarantine masks, Zoom, pause with the tests


Work on the quarantine

It turns out that the quarantine in Naberezhnye Chelny is not much different from Moscow. Says the pilot of “KAMAZ-master” Ayrat Mardeev: “Also introduced an electronic permit system. As soon as the quarantine was declared, the team was shut and we stayed at home. Spent a month and a half or even a little more.”

Like all professional athletes, the conversation tried to stay in good shape. The players were organized regular videothreesome with the coach, everything quickly mastered the “Zoom”. Useful program for remote classes with teachers of foreign languages.

Of course, the program was used not only for the fitness classes and cramming, but for working discussions. “We tried to work on remote, hold meetings on modernization of the machine, the future trials. Sooner or later the world will end the quarantine and the race will return — who will be better prepared after all the prohibitions, he will be found. Of course, at first it was all strange, but then I adapted.

Designers though, and stayed at home, but took with them computers and worked in the same way as at work. Now, when we have already started working, the implement taken on remote solutions. If those meetings were not, just now we have started to discuss, and our engineers and designers all to design and drafting. And we get to work and immediately begin to implement the ideas,” explained Mardeev.

Return to the base

Quarantine on the basis of “KAMAZ-master” is completed, but, of course, in day-to-day work of the team changes and it’s not just about the fact that some employees remain on remote.

“Introduced special measures to avoid the crowds. If before all were to arrive at eight in the morning and leave at one time, but now it’s stretched: 7, 7:30, 8, 8:30… Shared streams. Accordingly, and leaving all at different times. This division also touched on the lunch in our dining room can accommodate only 24 people, to comply with all of condescencion. That is for the staff dinner lasts an hour, but now occurs at different times.

We try to distribute the work, even temporarily led two shifts. Our cars are almost ready, now they are one or two mechanics who are trying much close to each other not to approach. If the mechanic works, it performs its task, then removes the instruments and leaves a clean workplace. No crowds, no”, — told Mardeev.

Video is available on the “Championship”.

In accordance with the recommendations of the doctors on the base will enter mask mode: the masks have to be and in the workplace. Wherever possible placed sanitizer. All meetings will be held remotely in the mode selector.

“If you plan on meeting a lot of people, then do it in online mode. If you need 2-3 people, only then going but still sit at different angles. So try to follow all the steps, because the situation of coronavirus is still a serious. Do everything not to bring infection to his work and had no reason to close and again to sit at home,” explains rider.

Completely epidemic command is not passed the latest test showed that you were over six or seven people. The majority of them do not see this is just a single employee a couple of days used a slight fever and had a runny nose.

Adjustment plans

The global pandemic still managed adversely affect the plans of “KAMAZ-master”. “We had some developments immediately after the “Dakar”, the idea that we want to do, says Airat. – Had to decide what to do now and what we make a year. The volumes are large and the Finance the pandemic is now easy: our partners in a difficult position. So you need to clearly decide what to do and what little things set aside until the situation stabiliziruemost”.

Impact and cancel trips at the tests and races — the “silk road” and the stages of the championship of Russia. No military trials, there is no certainty in the number of new products, without which to send the new nodes to the “Dakar” too risky.

“We and competitors will have to decide what new products to introduce and how much to risk. Of course, we do not introduce a major revision for testing which takes a lot of time. In any case we plan to leave on tests: looking at a few points in Russia. But it all depends on the overall situation of the pandemic. All decisions about possible tests will be taken in conjunction with the local authorities,” – says Mardeev.

Video is available on the “Championship”.

Kaputnik and “crown”

A necessary victim of the epidemic was the bonnet of the truck. “KAMAZ-master” planned in 2020 to build an updated version of Kapotnya, but the pandemic has forced to reconsider priorities.

“Designers are engaged in this project, says Airat. We really wanted to build an updated kaputnik and leave it to the tests: there are a lot of interesting ideas how to change it. But the situation with the pandemic does not allow us to break into several projects. While kaputnik in the background: all forces are thrown on the core hoodless cars to the “Dakar”. We understand that if God forbid, will begin a second wave, again all will close and then open just before sending the trucks on “Dakar”, we must do everything possible to were prepared to. So we got out of quarantine, sat down and went”.

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