As the Euro 2017 our young volleyball team took “silver”


Ended first in the history of the European championship among girls under 16 (women’s volleyball took the Bulgarian town of Samokov and Sofia). The Russian team, which was the basis of girls from Kazan school of the legendary Ekaterina Gamova (she was also on the matches in Bulgaria), even losing to Belarus 2:3, managed to take first place in the group, which won the team of Turkey, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Romania. Then beat in the semifinals of the hostess Bulgaria – and also 3:2.

photo: Alexey Lebedev

But in the final the Italians, whose match was significantly better, quite confidently defeated Russia in three games. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

From this question began the interview to “MK” head coach of the Russian team Svetlana Safronova. She was appointed to lead this team (2002-2003, p.) is not accidental: Safronova led the team girls of 1998-1999 years of birth to the European “gold” twice as many as in the category up to 18 years, and then – in the category “U19”.

– Svetlana, tell, how all was affected by the fact that Italians in their group defeated them all without any problems – unlike ours? Unfair – don’t think about it?

I don’t like excuses – solved on any platform. Let’s now not going to change tradition. Another question: girls to the finals, got tired.

– From the tournament in General what is the feeling that everything that could did, earning an “a”, or lose in the finals all the good crossed?

– Yes is not undermined, of course, a great tournament was held. Was a tough meeting in which we had to show character: 4 out of 7 matches in the tournament finished in five sets. And three of the four games with tie-break ended with our victory! It is in these games sold so necessary, in fact an invaluable experience – so in General I have positive feelings, of course.

– To personally highlight anyone will, as always?

– Of course, wins and loses a team. Moreover, I already did, by giving the prize to the best player of the tournament Tatiana Kadoshkino (she, incidentally, was the youngest in the team – the only one born in 2003). And Elizabeth Kochurina was recognized as the best blocker.

Volleyball. The European championship among girls under 16 years of age. Bulgaria. Results.

Group “II” (Samokov). Russia – Turkey – 3:2. Belarus – Russia – 3:2. Russia – Czechia – 3:0. Russia – Belgium – 3:0. Russia – Romania – 3:2. The semi-finals. Italy – Belarus – 3:0. Russia – Bulgaria – 3:2. For the 3rd place. Bulgaria – Belarus – 3:2. The final. Italy – Russia – 3:0.

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