As Tsymbalar and Mammadov in the 1990s, went missing for three days. They searched the entire “Spartacus”


“Spartak” of the 90s was famous for its middle line. Coach Romantsev, being a man of intelligent, intellectual, a perfectionist by nature, and artists were selected to match itself – on-football smart, technically gifted. Pyatnitsky, Lediakhov, Kechinov, Alenichev, Tikhonov, Titov – is there anyone or take it all with the ball you were on. One time classy halfbacks in the village had multiplied so much that two teams would be enough to last. But even this extraordinary assemblage of the masters stood out Tsymbalar, the owner of perhaps the best left foot in the Russian football of the time.

Как Цымбаларь и Мамедов в 1990-е пропали на три дня. Их искал весь «Спартак»

Romantsev knew who was in “Spartacus” drinks. One of the worst violators of the regime was a favorite of coach

Speed, dribbling, pasik, a blow – when it was. To achieve global recognition, commensurate with the huge talent, prevented Odessa levity. Player without weaknesses – and to him this stamp came, as none else in the “tower” – Ilya often slack off the field. After decades of adventures national favorite cause condescending smile: who is without sin? A quarter of a century ago, they were perceived differently – both coaches and team-mates.

One of such stories over years, published the former coach of the Spartak reserve Viktor Zernov. In the book of Romantseva “the Truth about me and “Spartacus” he revealed the true reasons for the exile of Cymbalaria in the reserves at the end of 1994, in company with a bosom buddy Mammadov (Ilya agreed with Ramiz only for a couple of years before, but fast and very tight – even played under the “neighboring” numbers, 4 and 5).

“Remember how Romantsev was sent to take on re Mammadov and Cymbalaria — said Zernov. — They are very good friends and often together went on a binge. And it’s all easily controlled. After the output of the players were measuring pressure, weight, and everything was clear. Because when you drink, you snack. And not gain weight – is unrealistic. And in early 1995 the team went to Germany on a mini-football tournament, and Ramiz and Ilya left in Moscow – to work together with take.”

“I knew who in the team is drinking: who can afford a little bit, and who is well — confirmed in his memoirs he Romantsev. — I will not hide, the main offender
mode was Tsymbalar… In the movie I sent the players when they realized that they made a really flagrant violation. Such was the case with Mammadov, with the same Symbolorum”.

On a championship game with “the Pearl” it is 5 thousand fans. More Cymbalaria with Mamedov on the field in 1994, not seen

What have they done? Memories of participants of events years later, the allow more or less accurately recreate the picture of the incident in the village.

In the early 90s, Spartak struggled in the championship not so much with enemies as with myself. Player selection Muscovites on the head, and then the two superior to par to the competitors. The only question was when they will issue the title, at the finish or before the deadline. The season-1994 issued in this regard, the maximum boring: by 27th round of the Spartacists became inaccessible to persecutors. The lack of intrigue, apparently, led to the abnormally low turnout of fans in the actually championship game. To congratulate the team with another trophy in “Luzhniki” was only 5 thousand people. However, they are also the owners, huh? Sochi “the Pearl” was played with relaxed and beautiful – 5:2. Tsymbalar ran off all half an hour, taking part in the first two goal-scoring attacks. Mamedov on the 69th minute was replaced by Onopko.

After, as usual, was a universal embracing, lap, swing coach. Probably attended the “champion” champagne in the locker room, and someone, most likely, and the continuation of the Banquet.

In the absence of Cymbalaria with Mammadov in the next match, in Kamyshin, should be, and no one noticed: in the national League, “Spartak” all tasks decided and could afford rotation before the European League. But four days later, in the home game with Dynamo Stavropol, Ilya with Ramiz was not found in the application. Just before an away game against Bayern (November 2) flashed information on the transfer of pals to the second team. Surprisingly, the media did not attach much importance – as if it was about the unknown byroads and not “collections” of the country! Both in the same year debuted in the national team and Ilya from April to October played 7 matches and scored a goal.

However, the weekly “Football” in the report from Germany has mentioned our heroes only once and in passing: “To what extent a good and interesting game “Spartaka” in Munich was a surprise (2:2 away. — Approx. “Championship”). In Germany in its composition came only 15 players, including two goalkeepers. There was no Tsymbalar, Mammadov noted that they had decreased their athletic performance or something of that sort, and transferred to the brace, and also person that is not in the best form.”

In search of the missing players, the administration of “Spartak” were calling the police stations, hospitals, morgues. And they hung out at the cottage

“The decline in athletic performance” — the universal language of the time. Under it were fitted anything but most trivial violation. Enough to read contemporary interviews “for life” with the then darlings of the public to understand what kind of leisure prevailed in the 90s athletes (and unless they?). Not everyone had the willpower to stop in time. Ilya with Ramiz on this and get stung.

Tsymbalar this troubled history ever since journalists are not discussed. May not asked – after all the publicity she has received recently. Mammadov, in an interview with “Championship” did not make excuses. Confirmed: “Distinguished”.

“Was the story – at the end of 1994 did not appear to travel in Kamyshin — admitted Ramiz. — Decided: fine, to hell with it. Already Champions, the match didn’t decide anything. Onopko then I phoned: said, come to the base looking for you. But we gave up on giving my aunt.”

Naturally, the disappearance of two major players has caused a stir in the village.

“Had to be nervous, he told me that the captain of “Spartacus” Victor Onopko. — Didn’t know what to think, all put on the ears, the morgue phoned, the police. Really afraid for their lives. Was – were vacationing at the cottage in the suburbs. No phones, no communication – mobile was not immediately available. When came, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Well, the two of them were. Ilya was very kind, helpful, regular guy. Ramiz had better control of the situation. But serious talk had to hold”.

Как Цымбаларь и Мамедов в 1990-е пропали на три дня. Их искал весь «Спартак»

Mammadov said: “we Sat for two days – the day of the game and closed to Romantsevo pled guilty: “Guilty. Punish as you see fit”. Oleg Ivanovich was brief: “a double”. Then “Spartak” has largely lost to PSG in the Champions League – without us. And Romantsev said that to blame Mammadov and Tsymbalar: “We prepared them, and they have failed.” We Ilyukha then I watched as Weah all “carried.” Jokingly said: well, what we’re not. But it was an isolated case. More we had not gone.”

Returning from exile to take Tsymbalar gave the best year in his career. Mammadov was also very good

According to eyewitnesses, Oleg’s great on the penalty box then are offended to such a degree that the entire second circle of group tournament of the Champions League “sheathed”. But after all this time still cold. “Tsymbalar all be able to forgive him only for his charming smile”, sentimental notes in his book Romantsev. But most importantly, perhaps, that in football he played matchless, respectively, was needed for the team.

And that shake-up both in the end benefited. To start the new season with Ilya Ramiz returned to the first team to fall to make with teammates phenomenal Europort – 6 straight victories in the group stage of the Champions League. At the end of 1995 Mammadov was included in the list of 33 best players of the championship, Tsymbalar was the player of the year in Russia.

How can you not remember the words “army” Kuznetsova: “it was drunk, but played. And now do not drink, do not play…”.

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