As zaborot such a giant? Black Beast knocked out by Olejnik. Video


At UFC Fight Night 174 once fought three fighters from Russia. Beauty Yana kunitskaya pleased with confident win over Julia Stoliarenko judges ‘ decision, but Omari Akhmedov managed to resist the skills of wrestling of Chris Weidman. Key attention was riveted to the main bout of the evening, where the ageless veteran Alexey Oleinik was hoping to take over derrick Lewis. The American, nicknamed the Black Beast before the fight was himself, too, spit in the food with the name of Oleinik and Russian fans wanted to see revenge of the Boa in the octagon.

Lewis, weighing almost 20 pounds more Oleinik, began the battle briskly unusual. Usually slow Lummox threw a sharp high-kick and rushed to the attack, trying immediately to crush the Russians. Boa withstood the pressure and soon the opponents were on the canvas. Initially Oleynik failed to adjust to Lewis and he managed to strike some pretty stiff blows to the head vet. Soon, the famous master of the orchestra he settled in and tried several times to catch Lewis in a rear naked choke. One of the things Alexis had a very comfortable position and with all his strength, pushed the hands, but the owner of a huge neck calmly withstood the pressure.

The second round lasted very long. Olejnik missed a knee strike to the body, then his head came the mighty side of Lewis. Russian knocked down went to the floor, where Black Beast rushed quickly to finish. At first it seemed that managed to embrace the leg of the opponent Boa hold out, but soon the fight had to be stopped. Alas, Oleinik lost power and the pressure of the American soldier, although after the first round was hard to believe in the victory of the Russian. Luckily, Alex quickly recovered, before announcing the results up and talking with his wife – there were no serious injuries.

It is not necessary to sprinkle ashes on his head: Oleynik has conducted a competitive match with one of the best heavyweights in the world. The veteran simply had not enough strength and size to extend their winning streak. Boa, despite its 43 years, remains the most dangerous and creative fighter, let its hopes for the championship belt gradually melt away. The Russians, as has been demonstrated, is able to perfectly recover even after the worst defeats. Soon Oleynik must get back in line, and once again we’ll worry about it in the octagon.

It should be noted and the winner, Black Beast is a real car. Seriously cognasse weight Lewis moved easily and showed defensive skills in the pit, and his monstrous power of the blow will not go away. The American set a record for the number of knockouts in the heavyweight division of the UFC – 11, went on a run of three victories and ready to take part in the title race. The intrigue is twisted in the division: Daniel Cormier, Francis Ngandu, derrick Lewis is only a part of those wishing to take the belt from Stipe Miocici. Don’t forget about our Oleynik, Alexander Volkov, Shamil integral, Sergei Pavlovich and other Russians. It will be interesting.

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