Babayev told about the failure of the transfer Komlichenko


The General Director of CSKA the novel Babayev has explained why striker “Mlada Boleslav” Nikolay Komlichenko has not become the player the club this summer.


“Unfortunately, that is simply not possible to negotiate with the club. If to simplify, we offered the rent, “Mlada Boleslav” insisted on sale. But it was paying rent. It included a mandatory option to purchase if the player will play a certain reasonable number of games. We believed that this option must arrange for colleagues from the Czech club, but somehow was not satisfied.

Why is the proposed lease? The player has proven their level unprecedented number of goals in the championship of the Czech Republic. Whatever the level of this League, 29 goals — this is serious. But based on our pattern of play and style Komlichenko, we had some doubts. Didn’t want to have a player on a long contract, is unhappy that he gets match practice.

The club in this case would be an expensive asset that is not useful. Therefore it was considered reasonable to try to negotiate on the rent. But we offered a lot of money for it — almost 20% of the amount of the transfer. And the mandatory redemption option had not left us the opportunity to hit them and quit them.

One of the key factors, which for us was extremely important when choosing a striker, was speed. Wanted to increase team speed. As for Kalinchenko, in the winter, we might return to this issue. But it’s not a guarantee. Thus, I repeat: Komlichenko is very well established, and the call-up confirms this. But not the fact that CSKA would be his team”, — quotes Babayev “championship”.

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