Bahram Murtazaliyev: the IBF Title should be mine


The Russian boxer of the first Middleweight (to 69,9 kg) Bahram Murtazaliyev told about the opportunity to fight for a title of the champion under version IBF and moving to the U.S., and also assessed the prospects champion Alexander Usyk and Sergey Kovalev.


At the end of January Jason Rosario defeated Julian Williams and became a world champion in two versions – WBA and IBF. Rosario autumn had to fight with you, but citing injury, came out to fight for the title and fought it. How come?
– This is politics. The promoters are doing everything to promote their fighters. Why fight me when you can just fight the champion? If I were in his place, do not rule out that have done as well. As you can see, he made the right decision.

When they announced the fight Williams Rosario, you thought: “That scoundrel”?!
– Word for word. He also added, “Bad man.” All anything, if not for one thing. Rosario “jumped” two weeks before he met me. I’ve got in perfect condition, and they tell me that the battle will not be. In the end, I have a couple of weeks, gained ten pounds, and then found another opponent, and for three weeks I had to return the form to fight with Jorge Fortea. Who’ve been through it, knows what the ideal conditions in such a situation you will not.

Fight with Fortea I have not seen, but watched your other fights. Visually none of the contestants do not give you trouble, and they were? Had the teeth to pull out the victory?
– Thank God, no. But to fight with the Mexican Norberto Gonzalez I couldn’t prepare. The virus was picked up for a couple of weeks before the fight. Forces were not. Had in the ring, mainly to fight with himself. All the rest is OK. Last opponent Fortea was very uncomfortable, but I would not say that he did something to oppose.

The status of the battle with him for the title of contender for the title of IBF?
Yes. He was next in ranking after Rosario. Good that his team immediately agreed. Thought, not traded. So we were able to perform at the show when I fought Sergey Kovalev and Saul Alvarez.

Your Manager Egis Klimas has done some work to make the fight with Rosario?
Yes. Immediately after the victory over Rosario Williams and his team have sent a letter. Last week negotiations. Let’s see where it leads. We are waiting for news.


Бахрам Муртазалиев: Титул IBF должен быть моим

Boxing is very different in USA and in Russia?
– There is a more professional approach. More needs to work independently. If we all led by the coach in the United States he telling coach what to do.

In the US came alone or with someone?
One. I trained at the training camp along with Kovalev, when he was preparing for Andre ward. We spent together collection. There was a coach – Marco. All had trained. A month later came Abror Tursumuratov. I went to him. The previous coach could hardly have got something to give, and Abror – specialist with a good school. He has trained Olympic champion. We started to work. I was all arranged.

But the last battle you spent under the guidance of Virgil hunter. And Tursumuratov broke up?
– The situation was such that he was not given a visa, and I needed to look for a coach for his upcoming fight. I never said, “Thank you, it was a pleasure, goodbye.” For this fight I was training hunter, and I’d get to work with him. With Abror we choose this moment, when he returns to America. After we broke up. We have good relations and regular communication.

You signed a contract with the promotional company Kovalev?
– We met in Chelyabinsk. He decided to help, even though nothing had. I started to do the visa, I came to America with the help of Sergei, who helped me a lot. Especially at the beginning. In the end he suggested it to me so I started a career in his promotional company. He was there alone, and I was the second boxer.

Sergei did not like either hunter or ward. What was the reaction Kovalev, when you began to do in their room?
– We haven’t spoken on this topic. Sergey is a professional, he achieved results. Now the result you have to achieve to me. I switched to hunter because he can help me. This professional time.


Бахрам Муртазалиев: Титул IBF должен быть моим

Klimas works with many famous boxers. Met on the sparring?
– The training camp was all. I sparred with Alexander Carnations a dozen times, most often with Alexander by Rasputinym. And by Kovalev.

You kind of small for sparring with Kovalev and Carnations…
– They were tired, feel sorry for me.

And you them?
– (laughs) Like normal. All were satisfied. For me it was a great experience. Would have been even Vasya Lomachenko larger, and worked with him.

Autumn was the fight between your sparring partner Carnations and countryman Arthur Beterbieva. For anyone sick?
The beautiful box.

And can still be called one name to quarrel with others?
– No. With the Carnations we have a good relationship. With Beterbiev always talk when we see each other. Both are cool and funny guys.

Then, what did you expect from their meeting?
I was certain that somebody will win ahead of time.

“Someone ahead,” and not Arthur?
Yes. I had not sparred, but the Stud has very good.

The besputin passed a positive doping test after the fight with Rajab by Butaeva. What Alexander says?
– The fight itself I really liked. I had expected that Alexander would win because he is skillful and clever boxer. Regarding doping, I talked to him. I am sure that the situation is a misunderstanding. Maybe ate something wrong, or supplements some. He spent ten days in Monaco than there fed him?

Probably Saul Alvarez were treated to brand meat.
– One hundred percent. Sanya did not know what happened.


And you encountered something similar? Maybe someone of the contenders were doping? Or offered to surrender the fight?
– No, I’m quiet and peaceful. I am not yet at this level.

The limit of your division – 69.85 mm kg. How much do you weigh now?
– 80 pounds. Always weigh about as much, when you come to Russia. When you start to exercise, the weight is in the area of 76 kg.

Easy to fit?

Could then meet in the second Welterweight weight that is full of stars?
– Not thought about it. I probably would have lost your condition. Need to fight there where you feel good.

Who do you think is the leader of his division? Erislandy Lara, Jarrett Heard Of Jermell Charlo?
– No one. Heard any impressions left by his victory over Francisco Santana. The opponent was small and I had to “disassemble” a lot easier. Lara lost Herb. Hurd lost to Williams, and Williams lost Rosario. Charlo lost to Tony Harrison. Unstable weight and Champions.

When will be able to get in the ring?
– For two and a half to three months. I have already started training. The main thing – to agree with Rosario. The IBF title has to be mine. He still has the WBA Super belt. It is an ideal option.


Бахрам Муртазалиев: Титул IBF должен быть моим

Why did you decide to go into Boxing? When there was a craze?
– Initially the enthusiasm is not there at all. I thank my father. 90 percent of my success is his tenacity, and I loved football. At the same time went in two sections, so daddy did not disappoint. The moment came when I had to choose, listen to dad. Now very happy about that.

Who was the idol among boxers?
Roy Jones. A couple of days before to go to the fights I saw on TV his fight with Glen Kelly. Roy knocked him out, with his hands behind his back holding. Easily and beautifully won. I thought, “do so want”.

– No. And now it is impossible. Roy Jones was the only one.

What about your Amateur career?
– Let’s dispense with platitudes. It is usually said that it is a policy that. But if nothing happens, maybe the Amateur Boxing – not mine. Professional – my.

The sections do not “confuse” sports? Kick Boxing or arm player?
– It was not. But there was a funny incident. I was engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling for about two years. Purely for flexibility and strength. At one tournament I accidentally “busted” shot, and I was disqualified. I was ten years old.

The ears do not say that you have been wrestling…
– And, thank God, that I, no one broke. I time jumped.

Now MMA is superior to Boxing in terms of popularity. I do not regret that he focused on Boxing?
– No. In Boxing more money than in MMA. In the UFC just a few people making good money. The main stars of sport and in Boxing Saul Alvarez and Anthony Joshua get even more. About Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will not even say. All I want in Boxing. Each “machnik” wants to fight a boxer.

You have not had the desire to quit Boxing? Maybe the parents were asked to find a “normal” profession?
– No. My parents have always supported in terms of sport. The Pope himself was a boxer. I do not see myself in anything except Boxing. By education, I am, for example, a lawyer, but now I just want to be a boxer.


In childhood often fight?
– In childhood, all fighting. And I’m even from Chechnya. Fight it out twice as often. Not to say that every day. But it happened.

Why did you move to Chelyabinsk?
– First we lived in the city. Then Papa’s business has moved to Chelyabinsk. So it remained.

What city is considered a native?
– Probably, Terrible. Chelyabinsk – a second home. Parents live there and other relatives in Chechnya.

How much time you are already in Russia? Rest tired?
Two and a half months. In two weeks after arrival began to run, play soccer, do fitness. So I am in good form.

Who helps you to be in good shape?
– I train at of Vladimir roschenko. The former coach Kovalev. Great coach and man.

How has succeeded in learning English? Themselves are targeting?
Yes. On domestic points, no problem. English went progress when I last three months I trained at hunter. I was with him without an interpreter. Boxing moments knew before, and now I hope that in another couple of months to finally speak.

To watch movies without translation?
– Yes, in the first place. By the way, I go to the movies in the United States and the essence of the movies is exactly the catch. Moreover, they have very good theaters. Remember the trip to film “Southpaw.” My friend knew English, and in some moments I was asked every five minutes we were asked to be quieter.

What sports movie did you like best?
– The last one with a “Lefty”. I did it in Russian and looked to make sure I understand it right – smiles. – Of our three part “shadow Boxing”.

When they find out that you are from Russia, what you ask?
– Russian mafia. For some reason this reaction in most cases. When they learn that I am an athlete, ask something about sports. Many of our boxers and fighters, the Americans know. I often asked Habib, and about the box – I know all of Lomachenko to Kovalev.


Бахрам Муртазалиев: Титул IBF должен быть моим

Tell me about Alexander Usik. What do you expect from his fight with Derek Cooroy?
– The Golden boy. Help and prompt. Very cool fighter. Meeting with Cooroy – a good test at this stage. If Derek’s tune – will give a good fight. This will allow the Cirrus to open up, to show their best qualities. He is the favorite. He can resist only Tyson fury and Deontay Wilder. Wilder highly beats, and fury technical. With other rivals Sasha will be the favorite.

Even with Joshua?
– Absolutely. This is a comfortable opponent. Barbel would show him what Boxing is.

Soon will be the second meeting fury and Wilder. Who won the first?
– There was a lot of controversy, but due to the two knockdowns, I think that won Wilder. They would not, no questions asked. But why now every second says that won fury? I think that now Wilder needs to win. I like it more than other boxers. It is more interesting.


Бахрам Муртазалиев: Титул IBF должен быть моим

The third fight between Gennady Golovkin and Alvarez Saulem you interested in?
– You can see it, but right now, Golovkin is not a competitor for Alvarez. Especially on the last performance. I would even put above the Demetrius Andrade. Now he is stronger than Golovkin, who lost the fight Sergiy Derevyanchenko. Don’t need to be an expert to understand this, you need to really look at things.

If you really look at them, you believed in the victory over Kovalev Alvarez?
– I was convinced. The rule is: “a Good big boxer will defeat a good little boxer.” Kovalev drove in rigid frames. Serge was far from his best today. And then, the fight was equal.

You interested in coming fights Golovkin and Alvarez with Kamil Sherameti and Retai Murataj respectively?
– No.

Minimum intrigue there?
– Only if drunk Golovkin will enter the ring. I’ve only seen one fight Sheremeta. He’s slightly stronger than Steve Rolls. About Murad, and say nothing. Alvarez had to fight with Andrade, Callum Smith or Billy Joe Saunders.


How did you react to the event as the battle of Alexander Emelianenko and Michael Koklyaev?
– Both earned. For Koklyaev I was sick even when he competed with a by Zydrunas Savickas in power extreme. I am sure that if they earned a penny.

Koklyaev said that his fee is the sum of three victories at big tournaments.
– Why not? There he cannot act because of their age, and here was a friendly sparring. Fedor barely beat, and the money Michael earned. As a sport, there was no plot.

Now Emelianenko will fight with Magomed Ismailov. Here’s the intrigue there?
Yes. Because of the dimensions I was leaning towards Fedor, but any MMA fighters I wouldn’t ask, they all say, win Ismailov.

Sorry for incorrect question, but maybe you were talking only Caucasian men?
– No. Have different friends. And the guys from the Caucasus do not evaluate the friendship and all the qualities. I’m not a MMA fighter, it’s hard for me to judge. Now, if Emelianenko and Ismailov will fight Magomed little chance. Alexander is a very healthy guy.

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