Basketball player “Miami” had to provide emergency assistance directly to the plane. He ate too much jelly


Defender “Miami” Dion Waiters overdosed on gummy candy during the flight of his team.

According to the journalist, Fox Sports, Andy Slater, a 27-year-old basketball player felt pain in the stomach on the way from Phoenix, where “Miami” spent his last match in Los Angeles for the game against the Lakers. Then Waters lost consciousness, he started having seizures.

Thanks to the efforts of club doctors, the player was given in a sense. It was not included in the squad for the match against the Lakers (80:95) with the official reason is “illness”.

Club representatives declined to comment on the incident, citing medical ethics.

Waters conducting in his eighth NBA season, has on hand a four-year agreement with “Miami” on which he earns on average $ 13 million per year. This season, he never appeared on the site.

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