Berglund — the transition to the “Tractor”: “Great expectations from yourself and from the team”


Striker “Tractor” Jakob Berglund has shared his impressions of the transition to a new club, and also praised the level of play in the KHL.

— Great expectations from yourself and from the team. Against “Tractor” was difficult to play, despite the fact that the season for the team was difficult. The team have good players, for example, the foreigners showed themselves very well. I think that we all have to be big expectations from the team. On paper we have a good team, I see no reason that would prevent us to move up in the standings. Besides, I’ve heard good things about the new head coach. Looking forward to beginning. We’ve discussed it with my agent, he spoke well about the club, the coach and the team. So, it must be a good place. I also talked to Jonas Inlondon, who played for “Tractor” before last season, he also spoke well about the club, so the decision was easy, — said the hockey player.

The 28-year-old Swede said that he was surprised by such a high level of competition in the KHL.

— I was expecting to hockey in the KHL is at a high level, and it did. Of all the leagues where I played hockey here at the highest level. In each team there are a lot of good players. I was surprised the most: usually in leagues where I have played before was 2-3 at the bottom of the table team who have lost all, but in the KHL there are no such commands. If you’re not ready, you will not win, and not so important against which team match. So, it struck me. Fail to rest, we need to give every training session and every game, otherwise win does not see, — said Berglund.

19 may “the Tractor” has announced the signing of a contract with Berglunda for one season.

In the last season KHL Berglund played for Riga “Dynamo” and “Neftekhimik”. For the locals, he played 8 games in the regular season and scored 4 (3+1) points.

For the townspeople on account of his in the regular season 40 games and 25 (13+12) points, and 4 games in the playoffs and 1 (0+1) point.

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