Beterbiev was knocked out of the Ukrainian Cloves and won a second championship belt


Russian boxer Arthur Beterbiev defeated Alexander by a Nail in the fight for titles IBF and WBC light heavyweight champion.


In the beginning of the match a small the benefits achieved Beterbiev, for which a small margin is left from the first two rounds. The subsequent two sections were held in equal fight.

In the ninth round, the Russians stepped up and went forward. In the tenth round was a showdown. Beterbieva failed several times to get the accented blows, sending Carnation first one down, and then the second. Shortly thereafter Beterbieva managed to strike a decisive blow and make a victory a technical knockout.

Beterbiev has defended the IBF title and captured the WBC belt, which belonged to the Carnation. The Russian champion has won 15 consecutive knockout victory, and a Ukrainian suffered the first defeat of his career.

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