Bob Hartley: “I put the emphasis on working with newcomers, I give them the main focus”


Avangard head coach Bob Hartley spoke about the preparation of the Omsk club for the new season of the KHL.

Earlier, at the tournament in Sochi, Avangard beat Sochi with a score of 2: 0.

– Everyone is trying and working well. But now I am focusing on working with newbies, giving them the main focus. Avangard has a lot of cool strikers, and so far I like how they show themselves in equal compositions, in the minority, and in the majority. Even though we couldn’t realize what was too much today, the combinations in the foreign zone were playing good ones. Sochi goalkeeper Hellberg has helped his team over and over again, but our players also moved the puck very well.

– Tseglarik, Knight and Yakupov – is this another experiment or an already established link?

– It is difficult to promise yet. I can only say that I like the way they interact with each other, there is definitely chemistry there. But we continue to work. We have two strong centers – Paré and Knight. We need to find the right wingers for them. At the same time, I repeat, I am also pleased with today’s option.

– How satisfied are you in principle with the performance of Tseglarik, who arrived in the KHL as the best striker in the 2021 World Cup?

– As soon as I found out that Reed Boucher would not return to our team, I immediately began actively calling North America and looking for a replacement. Tseglarik showed himself well in the AHL, he managed to play a little in the NHL. And everywhere they said about him that he was a real professional. And this applies to everything. From diet and habits to gym and skating. He is the undisputed pro in every aspect. When Ceglarik gets used to our system and finds his game inside it, we will see a cool forward who will play a very important role in our team, will be useful both in the minority and in the majority.

– Recently, your former forward Sergei Shumakov said that Avangard is very strict discipline. Just like in the army! Have you always been so demanding of the players or is this the specifics of working in the Russian league?

– What kind of tough discipline are we talking about? Take a look around. Everyone who succeeds should be as organized as possible. In this case, the main component is respect for each other.

Recall that the Canadian specialist took over the leadership of the club in May 2018. Last season, Avangard beat CSKA in the final series of the Gagarin Cup with a score of 4: 2 and won the trophy for the first time in history.

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