Boris Mayorov: the President of the KHL should be recognizable and recognized


Expert “Soviet sport”, the double Olympic champion Boris Mayorov answers to topical questions.

– Russian national team has played on the Swedish games an experimental line-up, with six Vice-world Champions among youth. Did you experiment?
– From my point of view – no. And it’s not a result – last place. No one on this team not shot. I wouldn’t glorify Poryadin, who scored two goals. It is also necessary to prove a claim for the national team. As for the young, it surprised me that they credit put four times earned in the first match with Finns numerical advantage. But no majority has not been implemented. And goals our youth are not scored. In contrast to the Swedish Junior Vagamo.

Morozov will announce the President of the KHL on Friday

I have already said in the pages of “Soviet sport” that this tournament had to be used for fulfilling units for the world Cup, the test of tactical moves. Because before the world championship in Switzerland remain the only Czech game. They may not be enough to prepare. I remain unconvinced: team to to experiment.

– The NHL has promised to name his new President this coming Friday. On the sidelines called Alexei Morozov, who served as managing Director of the MHL. A suitable candidate in changers Dmitry Chernyshenko?
– Before the official announcement I wouldn’t want to discuss them individually. KHL President must be a person from the world of hockey, a face recognized and respected around the hockey world who have credibility. Plus to have a remarkable organizational skills. Besides, he must have the vision development League program. I haven’t heard or seen. In my opinion, the KHL President needs to influence processes in the hockey League, the decision of the Board of Directors. Morozov headed by the Youth League, but I have not read any of his interviews about the ways of development of youth hockey what we’re doing right and wrong. President of the KHL should be a public person. I think this nomination from our despair. And indeed the debate in our hockey came to naught, and it is very bad.

– On Tuesday you were at the match “Spartak” – “metallurg”. Guests, leading 2:0, managed to lose 2:4 and continues to teeter on the border of the zone playoffs. What is the reason for the failure of “Magnitogorsk”?
– Speculated. Haven’t seen “Magnitogorsk” live and was just amazed. How could a recent favorite so quickly turn into an ordinary middle peasant? There coach a long time ago changed, the head of the club has changed, he has purged the ranks, but no result. The team is on the verge of getting into the playoffs. However, the result is negative. “Spartak” has won, although the two periods were far from his best game. Read the statements of the coach of “metallurg” Vorobyov after the match, saying, we two perebrosali opponents, but lost. What is the use of such shots? Before “MMK” created at least a dozen scoring chances, and now 2-3. Yes, he could score mozyakin in empty gate, someone else. But the overall picture of the game in attack guests depressing.

– Executive Director of the European Champions League Martini Baumann stated that the participation of KHL clubs in this competition will allow you to determine the best team in Europe by a sports principle. Should NHL teams to join the Champions League?
– It’s time. At least for mutual enrichment. To understand where we are in Europe. And then I looked on Saturday the match between Russia and Sweden. The hosts of the tournament, too, because gathered a young team, the pilot, the KHL has invited just five players, two of which are goalkeepers. And what is the total advantage they had over ours. In speed, in battle, in tactics, individual skills. In fact, it was a one-sided game.

Another question is how to enter the Champions League in the calendar of the KHL, the already supersaturated? Where to find Windows for the Champions League? However, under the Spengler Cup find. We come to this tournament and from time to time shame. We are in Davos beat all and Sundry. We dug ourselves do not go anywhere and currently not permissible. We have to play in the Champions League.

source: “Soviet sport”

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