Bounty hunters. Someone will try to top clubs this offseason


April 30 will expire the contracts of many players in the NHL. Already one can certainly say that anyone will go overseas.

But there are those who have declared themselves in it, not fully played, the championship and can count on a good offer. Who will hunt for the managers of KHL clubs hoping to poach talent and strengthen your team:

The fact that Nizhny Novgorod in the offseason, will lose one of the best scorers no doubt. Well spent a season, and a performance for the national team at the Eurotour noticeably piques the interest of top clubs in the KHL for the talented striker. There are rumors that Damir thinks about the NHL. But it is unlikely the striker to go – leaving overseas leading players in the several clubs gives opportunity for growth and obtaining places in the first levels of the strongest teams in the KHL.

To obtain such a striker to his team is the dream of any coach in the KHL. Last season Moscow “Dynamo” has definitely made the best purchase. For 58 games of the regular season, Dmitry was beaten 63 (31+32) points. Not wilted Yashkin and in the playoffs – 6 games, 6 points. The decisive goal in the first round against “Spartak” also it. Many said that the KHL is not the level of Cech with Russian roots. But Vladimir Krikunov, the coach of blue-white noted that Yashkino was lucky to play in conjunction with Vadim shipachyov – one of the best center forward in the League. Vadim has a one-year contract with Dynamo, but the 23rd number is about to end. Continue Yashkin to play for the blue and white or will consider offers from other clubs? Most experts are inclined to the second option, and these clubs are likely to be from the NHL.

The Swede was away from the “Barys” in Moscow “Dynamo” with the idea that he can replace the departed Kagarlitsky. And Andre did not disappoint, becoming one of the leading players in the squad, but also once again proved that it is indispensable during the playoffs. If last year Dmitry Kagarlitsky was criticized for weak performance in the Cup draw, the Petersson in 6 games “netted” 5 goals and made the transfer. Generally, if you look at the performances of Andre in the playoffs in recent years, it seems that the attacker in this period, a second wind is his stats not bad! Whether the proposals of Petersson? Probably, but most likely “Peter”, as referred to Andre’s teammates will remain in blue and white colors. He and it’s all good.

Despite the mixed season, Vyacheslav Voynov remains one of the top defenders in the KHL. Yes, he often lapses on the defensive, but the actions of a hockey player in attack, if not compensate then at least somehow balance out his game. According to rumors, the Warriors can leave the “avant-garde”. Hockey player wouldn’t mind to go overseas, then wait for him there? Maybe there is Vyacheslav and could restart his career – he’s not a boy, but 30 years old age will not be called for sure. But the reputation that is so appreciated in the NHL, tarnished. A case of domestic violence a few months in jail and a year of disqualification – is unlikely to be completely forgotten. Voinova better to stay in Russia. To get into the Triple Gold club Vyacheslav is not enough gold in the world Cup. Via the KHL team to join the national team will be easy, but to contract it from one of the top clubs should not be too difficult.

This season he played for “Lokomotiv”. The situation in Yaroslavl was not easy for regular season and had three mentor. This can explain the fact that the statistics Da Costa dropped? Or the fact that “the locomotive” it did not quite come? Which way will roll “locomotive” in the near future is unknown, looking for a head coach. What to do Yeah coast? Follow the news from Yaroslavl to consider offers from other clubs. The main thing – not to fly with a choice. Stefan can and should be a leader. To sit half the season on the bench in the rotation at the club-the favorite or playing first violin in the club with ambition? Turn to him saying: “Small but precious”.

Favorite Nur-Sultan, a favorite of Yekaterinburg, Dawes – one of the brightest stars in the KHL. Two years, the striker spent in the “Motorist”. The contract expires and, according to some information, to extend it not going. All because of a failure in the playoffs, in which Nigel could not help the team in five games and only one gear. But is it worth to throw away players of that level? Yes, the Cup draw team from Yekaterinburg failed. But who was driving the car, brought them to the playoffs? In the regular season Dawes incredibly steep: 59 games – 50(20+30) points. A year ago it was better, but is this result bad? I think that Nigel will be plenty to choose from.

To the striker last season showed interest in SKA. Now all are inclined to believe that the kadeikin had rush in “Detroit Red wings”, which owns the rights to the player in the NHL. Does it make sense? Yes, if Alexander is willing to go to the dream through the AHL. Only a few Russian players leaving the NHL, you can count on the place.

Recently the hockey news and then wink to each other messages of interest to Barabanovo on the part of one or the other of the NHL club. Agent Dan Milstein said that Alexander himself will make the decision about where to continue his career. The pupil of the Petersburg hockey has excellent skiing and universal qualities – he and igrovi, and rough work not shun. It will be decided whether the Reels on the move? Certainly, SKA will fight for your striker.

Once during an interview with Emil confessed to me that he is ready to play for the “AK bars” career. That’s only in Kazan did not share the desire Garipova. In the season he simply has not been allowed to play with, so the transition to the “vanguard” – the perfect outcome of the situation to Emil. Visiting the club the first number is Igor Bobkov. Came Garipova was able to play just 11 games for the hawks. But the opportunity to move Igor Emil has. Remember a bad performance Bobkov in the series with “Salavat”. However, until the contract is Garipova coming to an end. Don’t forget about Alexander Sudnitsina – he is also a contract with Omsk, and that agreement also expires in April. Where will get the offers Garipov and where to continue his career? We’ll find out.

The main “cause” great performances “Admiral” at the start of the season. Forward sailors in some sections literally extravaganza, even been the best offensive player of the week in the KHL. And let statistics 37(17+20) points in 55 games is not like the League leaders, but it is certainly a breakthrough for Denis. It seems that now the Vikharev will sign a unilateral agreement, and maybe with some other club closer to the middle of the table. The only thing that can confuse potential employers – while this is the first year single with these figures, before his speech was much more modest.

The contract with the army ends, but not likely CSKA will want to part with the striker. Although not so long ago, red and blue were in no hurry to sign Taldinskogo, long kept on the scanning contract. Player stats (22 points (14+8) in 40 games of the regular season) would be better, but the rotation in the CSKA does not show all the maximum possible extent. Perhaps switching him to a another club, not so long bench, would have made him one of the team leaders. If Tolchinsky will stay in CSKA, then check out the leading players of the attack in the NHL will help the striker to get playing time.

What makes Poryadin, you ask? He’s got a contract with “Neftekhimik” by 2021. But Samonova, and Aaltonen had contracts with the “Vityaz”. However, nothing prevented to be these players in SKA in the middle of the regular season. I think that with the huge desire to “dig” Paul from Nizhnekamsk will. But the desire is certainly there – the guy clearly stated his while playing for the national team in Swedish hockey games. In that tournament, he was definitely the best part of the “red machine”. After this stage of the Eurotour Poryadin was noticed by managers at the top clubs.

source: “Soviet sport”

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